Back What kind of engineer are you? Spelling Either British or American spelling is acceptable; however, one or the other should be used consistently throughout. The University of Waterloo expects that graduate theses, regardless of subject area, will meet appropriate standards of clarity and coherence in written English or in some cases, French or German. Skip to main Skip to footer. It is expected that students, with input from their advisory committee, will be in charge of editing their own theses. This includes the title page.

An e-mail from your readers confirming they have approved the final version of your thesis is an accepted substitute for their signature. Master’s theses can take various forms. The name of the degree must appear in full e. Monday, April 29, – Friday, May 3, Holidays: If applicable Students may wish to enhance their thesis with either a graphic or meaningful quote. It has become common in Engineering for students to publish outcomes from their research prior to completing their degree and subsequently to incorporate some of the published material within their thesis. Travel and the Guidelines for Expenses.

It is expected that students, with input from their advisory committee, will be tbesis charge of editing their own theses. If there are any changes in the thesis title, the please inform MGO as the thesis may become rejected from UW Space otherwise.

Do not include page numbers on blank pages but ensure that the page is accounted for in the overall numbering of pages.

MASc thesis submission and acceptance procedure

For the thesis which is not a sole-authored document, the University requirements are that the student has made the major deaadline to the work, to the satisfaction of the examination committee. Department of Combinatorics and Optimization. Back What kind of engineer are you? The Copyright Act protects the expressions of ideas.


Please see the following additional sample submidsion pages for specific programs: Once any revisions requested have been completed to their satisfaction, take your Department Approval of MASc Thesis form to each of your readers for them to sign, indicating that they have given you their feedback and the final copy of your thesis is ready for upload to UWSpace.

MASc and MArch degree completion | Engineering | University of Waterloo

Your thesis must be uploaded and approved by a specified date before convocation. Graduate Studies Academic Calendar. The EE is reimbursed according to Policy Employee Deadlije Contact Waterloo Engineering. Monday, August 20, – Monday, September 4, Fall The format of the title page must be the same as the sample title page pdf.

At least one month before you intend to degree complete you will deadlibe to apply for graduation through Quest.

It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure all electronic equipment is functioning properly prior to the defence and have a back-up plan should the connection fail. If the thesis includes copyrighted material, letters of copyright permission may be required. The uwateloo of the degree must appear in full e.

Thesis preparation

The University of Waterloo will only consent to any restrictions being placed upon the circulation or availability of a thesis prior to its publication in UWSpace. Best practice is usaterloo co-authors do not form the majority of the examining committee for doctoral theses or, the reading or examining committee for master’s theses.

The copyright date is the year the thesis is accepted and submitted to UWSpace. Minimum completion deadlines as well as information on holidays can be found on the degree completion deadlines page.


The 3 week display period starts the day you drop your thesis off for display and it is accepted by the EGSO The display copy of your thesis does not need to be bound — it can be unbound, 2 sided, black and white It is during this three-week display period that your readers will review your thesis and prepare their feedback.

uwaterloo thesis submission deadline

Master’s theses can take various forms. The Associate Dean, Graduate Studies must review and approve the external examiner appointment and committee composition. Please refer to the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar for a table of holidays.

uwaterloo thesis submission deadline

Needles Hallsecond floor, room Students acquire no rights to software written under supervision in the course of employment by the University. Front matter pages are numbered with lower case Roman numerals, beginning with the Author’s Declaration page ii following the title dexdline.

uwaterloo thesis submission deadline

Once the thesis submission is approved, the student will receive a confirmation email. The Deadkine main body of the thesis begins with page number “1,” placed in the centre at the bottom. If a student does need to register in a subsequent term, the tuition refund schedule outlined in the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar applies e.

Needles Hallsecond floor, room These pages, if applicable, must appear as the last page of the front matter, immediately before the main body of the thesis Text main body – footnotes or endnotes submissjon be included in the text.

If any revisions are required, the student will be contacted by email.