As with anything, the more you put into philosophy, the more you will get out of it. Students learn to distinguish justifiable ethical arguments from those more problematic. Get an alert with the newest ads for “upei” in Prince Edward Island. This course examines both the classical positivist accounts of scientific theory and practice and the more recent accounts of development and change in the global scientific culture. Her humour and driven motivation are core elements of our Teaching team and her personal life. The committee decides final grades, not the supervisor. An examination of the nature of religion and the logic of religious belief.

Students become familiar with the ethical issues regarding business, and are equipped with the conceptual tools necessary to respond to moral conflicts sensitively and responsibly. An examination of the ways in which similar basic human concerns are expressed and developed in philosophy and literature. This course is designed to acquaint students with important philosophical concepts underlying the notion of legality and justice. What is the good life? An examination of the nature of religion and the logic of religious belief.

Download the official UPEI calendar. In short, the brain will work to find meaning and order.

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Katie lives with her husband and three boys in Charlottetown, along with their dog Annie. Successful completion of a first or second year course in philosophy, or permission of the instructor. We love critical, creative, and reflective thinkers. Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering. She holds a P.


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Applicants must have registered in, or have completed, the major program in philosophy. If time permits, students may also consider Kant’s approach to philosophy, as well as his main critics. Specific moral issues of contemporary concern such as abortion, euthanasia, welfare, and capital punishment form the basic content of the course.

Daun Lynch started her teaching career 12 years ago at the Halifax Independent School and expanded to the Ottawa-Carleton school district in Ontario. This course is a critical examination of the development of analytical philosophy in Britain and America in the 20th Century with a focus on the relations between logic, science, language, and conceptualization. Selling these UPEI textbooks: Cross-listed with Philosophy Without prejudice to other choices, the Department is prepared to offer Directed Studies in the uepi areas beyond the regular course offerings: Her approach has been proven to foster productive, globally minded citizens with exceptional self-direction, collaborative mentality, critical thinking and executive functioning skills.

Offered every semester Cross-listed with English RS Philosophy of Religion. Pictured, well, being Chef!

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Pictured with a Montessori continental globe symbolizing his approach to diversity in music education. This investigation of the philosophical problems of life in communities focuses primarily on the concept of rights. Connect directly at jodi montessoripei.

Please visit our individual graduate program pages linked below for admission requirements, courses, and application steps. An examination of the nature of religion and the logic of religious belief. At least one level English course and at least one level English course, or permission of the instructor.


upei critical thinking

At least semester hours of academic credit 42 courses. Faculty of Science website Admission Requirements.

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The reading material will be developed by the student and supervisor. These include the concepts of equality and inequality, legal obligation, punishment, and rights.

Curriculum is based on the child development discoveries, methods and teachings of Dr. Most recently, Wraychel has been a part of the Lead Montessori initiative based out of Prague, Czech Republic, part of a global movement connecting more than school leaders on the advancement of curriculums thibking best practices in the field.

This course will be led by a faculty member in upek with recognized community leaders in the field.

Critical reflection : a textbook for critical thinking

It discusses twentieth century development, such as the philosophy of John Rawls. All courses are 3 hours. How is it possible citical know something, and what can one know?