UFV application form available at ufv. As far as I know, everyone with a minimum of 3 A’s and 1 B gets an invite to the info session and interview. Sign in with LinkedIn. Who is attending NTI? To maintain status as a program student, students must achieve a minimum C grade in each course and a cumulative GPA of 2. The following documents must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar, along with the application fee, in order to process the application:

I still wonder if it’s going to be different once i’m actually in those nurses’ position, but I think thats normal to be worried. Courses taken for elective credit must be approved by the Nursing department. Students enrolled in undergraduate courses courses numbered or above must maintain an undergraduate Cumulative Grade Point Average CGPA of at least 2. I’ve spoken with many of the people who will be in my class, some of them have full degrees already. Or sign in with one of these services. Seconds later I see a naked man in a wheelchair screaming at the top of his lungs for help from the bathroom with the door wide open, covered in shit. Nursing program application form Proof of B.

Jan 23, by sdsd Over the next year and a half I realized that I was going to have to be able to handle more than just puke and bodily fluids.

I was accepted into the winter intake for UFVs nursing program, so I know how nerve wracking this process can be!! The clinical experiences include hospitals and community agencies with supervised practica, preceptorships, and observational experiences. Health care experience and letter of reference: To be considered official, transcripts must be sent directly to UFV from the originating institution; see the Transfer Credit section for details.


We’ll see how I handle it. Proof of immunization must be received by the date specified. Qkestions at an information session in preparation for entry into the program.

ufv nursing essay questions

Good luck to everyone! The above documents must be received by January 31 for the September intake, and by August 15 for the January intake. Proof of full scope practicing registration as an LPN in B. We met many other young people who were all nursng their marks in the lobby of the hotel on their laptops, so I asked to borrow one just to check my myUFV account to see if anything had changed with my application status. Sign in with LinkedIn.

In my many many late nights at the hospital, I dealt with the family of a young boy who was going to die of either cancer or a serious disease we weren’t quetsions which one it was but either option meant a sudden deathI helped many homeless people find somewhere to go, I sat for hours and talked to people who were probably just there because they needed someone to talk to, I saw people who were nursjng and shot, I held containers while patients puked in them, smelt smells I didnt think was possible for the human body to create, I changed peed on blankets, and mostly, I finally saw and understood what all the drama on the news about nurses going on strike all esday time was about.

Hell maybe, but it’ll be alright.

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I’ve spoken with many of the people who will be in my class, some of them have full degrees already. Students will be rated based on the points achieved on the applicant rating form.


Or sign in with one of these services.

ufv nursing essay questions

I was taking three classes, each twice a week, I had two labs on top of that, nnursing doing 9 hours a week in the hospital and working 15 hours a week. Jan 10, by chma. Edited Sep 21, by Gillnoorek. The letters were sent out on may 4th, while I was in mexico with three of my girlfriends.

I told myself that if i wasn’t accepted I would just keep trying again in the semesters to come. Applicants will be notified in writing regarding acceptance.

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My first day in the hospital as a volunteer I left stunned thinking “am I going to be able to do this? Completed forms must be brought to the information session. Is everyone on the same page as this? Sep 21, by alipke. Completed forms must be brought to the information session or interview.

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Jan 25, by chma. I upgraded my B, but not sure if my mark will be updated in time. Basic Rescuer — Level C certificate.

ufv nursing essay questions

I hope this is good enough!! Other entrance requirements Volunteer experience in a health care setting or employment in a health care field.