This fellowship is for one quarter only. Each department may nominate one student who is currently in the fourth year of study. Courses are to be designed by the graduate students, and they should reflect their intellectual interests. There are also many external dissertation-year national fellowship competitions. Hanna Holborn Gray Fellowship This award, established in , is made possible by a generous grant from the Andrew W.

Since they are designated for students in the final year of study, an important condition is that the Fellows will be ineligible for any subsequent financial aid from the University, with the following exception. Department of English Language and Literature. Graduate students can also apply to the Nicholson Center for British Studies on campus for travel and research grants. Interested students should contact their departments for internal deadlines and procedures. Other employment, either at the University or off-campus, will not be permitted. Contact Us Office of the Dean of Students humdos uchicago. Nominations are made in a letter from the department chair, in which the chair a declares that the candidate has been nominated by the entire faculty of the department and b declares that in the best estimation of the faculty of the department, the student is fully prepared to complete the dissertation by the end of the spring quarter.

The FLAS program provides funding for study on campus during the academic year and on campus or elsewhere domestic or abroad during the summer. Graduate students can also apply to the Nicholson Center for British Studies on felowship for travel and research grants.

uchicago humanities dissertation fellowship

One fellowship will be awarded each year in dissertatlon Humanities Division and one in the Social Sciences Division with the latter selected from the humanistic Social Sciences departments.


Mellon Foundation and is designated to support our very best graduate students in the final years of their graduate program at the University. Gray Fellows must numanities their pedagogical teaching requirements. Some departments and centers also offer dissertation fellowships for students in their fields. This award, established inis made possible by a generous grant from the Andrew W.

Without exception, students must have been admitted to candidacy before they can apply for these fellowships. Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fellowships.

Dissertation-Year Fellowships | Division of the Social Sciences

Students may humanitiss apply for research and travel funds. The Gray award will replace the student’s current University aid package for the fifth year. Doctoral students in the Department of English Language and Literature are awarded a six-year fellowship that includes a living stipend, full tuition, a research account, and health insurance coverage.

uchicago humanities dissertation fellowship

Transcripts which will be provided by the Office of the Dean of Students. Graduate students must be ABD by January 31 of the academic year prior to the year in which their course is offered, and each student must submit an electronic copy of their dissertation proposal as part of their application. Students are nominated to the competition by their home departments.

Departments announce the competitions, and students apply through their departments. A curriculum vitae CV.

Recent Recipients of Dissertation Fellowships

Other employment, either at the University or off-campus, will not uchixago permitted. Course proposals that too closely mirror the dissertation research of applicants are often not suitable for undergraduate courses.

Students who have been nominated by their department will submit their final application materials through SLATE. To hold the award, a nominee must be admitted to candidacy by the end of Summer Quarter of the fourth year.


Although it certainly is not possible to predict the exact date of completion, these fellowships are intended to benefit those students who can commit themselves to finishing that year. Recipients of these fellowships may not defer the humnaities to a later year. Office of the Dean of Students humdos uchicago.

The Division of the Humanitkes Sciences provides a number of these fellowships uchhicago a division-wide competitive basis. Skip to main content. The Division offers 15 Dissertation-year fellowships in four competitions: This fellowship is for one quarter only. Please check with your department for more information. Students pursuing a joint degree program should submit their application through the home department only.

Funding Aid in the Dissertation Stage After the six-year Division of the Humanities fellowship, doctoral students receive tuition aid, health insurance coverage, and have access to research and conference travel grants.

The deadline for students to submit their applications to the Humanities Collegiate Division is February 1, The terms of the fellowship prohibit students from engaging in any remunerative activity during the period of the fellowship. Department of English Language and Hhumanities.

Announcements and applications for these fellowships can be found on our Forms Page. If the student does not meet this requirement, the fellowship will be awarded to an alternate. Announcements of the winners will humnities made in mid-May.