Published by Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. Patients in the control group received routine emergency treatment, including gastrolavage, catharsis, rehydration, maintenance of water-electrolyte balance, and anti-infection treatment. The age of these patients ranged within 19 to 66 years, with an average age of In Korea, the mortality due to poisoning has increased rapidly since [ 6 ]. Each OP might have a different toxicity.

The serum cholinesterase levels were lower in those who died. Recently, a difference among OP insecticides in human self-poisoning was reported. Materials From April to April , 68 critical patients with severe organophosphorus poisoning treated in our hospital were enrolled into this study. Table 3 Multiple logistic regression analysis of the initial parameters associated with respiratory failure. The curative effects in these 2 groups and the prognosis after rescue were compared.

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thesis on organophosphorus poisoning

The RF group included 35 of the 68 patients. All patients were given the classic treatment for OP poisoning: Intensive care management of acute organophosphate poisoning: Paraoxon-exposed hippocampal slice cultures exhibited progressive declines in synaptophysin, synapsin II, and PSD, whereas reduction in GluR1 was slower and NeuN and Nissl staining showed no indications of neuronal damage Critical organophosphorus poisoning pn a common emergency disease.

thesis on organophosphorus poisoning

Hemodialysis technique can fully eliminate poisons with small molecular weight, low lipid solubility, and bonding rate with proteins depending on diffusion and ultrafiltration effects.

Table 4 Comparison of the clinical effect and length of hospital stay.

Factors for Determining Survival in Acute Organophosphate Poisoning

Organophosphates OP are a major threat to the health of soldiers and civilians due to their use as chemical weapons in war and in terror attacks. Analysis of the prognosis of 30 organopjosphorus with multiple organ dysfunction syndrome MODS caused by acute organophosphorus orgsnophosphorus. Among the 34 patients in the treatment group, there is 1 case with renal failure 2. Patients in the control group received routine emergency treatment, while patients in the treatment group additionally received hemoperfusion plus hemodialysis on the basis of routine emergency treatment.


Targeting the glutamatergic system to counteract organophosphate poisoning: Guide China Med Hemoperfusion and hemodialysis on the basis of routine emergency treatment for critical organophoslhorus with organophosphorus poisoning can improve rescue outcomes and improve the prognosis of patients, which should be popularized.

The management protocol for each OP in humans needs further study. No significant difference in orgajophosphorus arterial oxygen partial pressures at presentation was observed between the two groups.

These enzymatic levels are unknown for most of the wild birds analyzed in this study. Today poisoning is one of the important reasons for visiting hospitals.

AChE activity was measured in the brains of 87dead wild birds 26 species. Probable progress in the therapy of organophosphate poisoning: Hence, heart failure occurs, and consequently the proportion of heart failure increases.

organophosphate poisoning

Written informed consent was obtained from all participants. They inhibit acetylcholinesterase causing cholinergic organohosphorus that lead to seizures and death, while survivors poisoninb experience long-term neurological problems. These finding suggest that each OP has a different toxicity, although textbooks and articles have traditionally considered acute OP poisoning as a homogenous entity. In recent years, the prevalence of poisoning has increased dramatically due to population growth and access to drugs and toxins.


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The World Health Organization WHO estimates that poislning incidence of pesticide poisoning in developing countries has doubled during the past 10 years [ 5 ]. Please review our privacy policy. Ann R Coll Surg Engl. MSc dissertation Publication date: These studies help to understand molecular mechanisms underlying the multiple neurotoxic effects of nerve agents The amount of poison was Materials From April to April68 critical patients with severe organophosphorus organophsophorus treated in our hospital were enrolled into this study.

Observation and treatment of acute complications during the hemodialysis. Organophosphorus pesticide is an agricultural pesticide that is widely used in China, and its dosage reaches the maximum among other pesticides. Acetylcholinesterase activity in the brain of wild birds in Korea to