As employee you can publish Ghent University-related news on the info screens led tv screens at several campusses. What is the physical meaning? How do we have to prepare a meeting with our supervisors? Basic HTML elements 4. You can find this template here.

Read the ‘Instructions’ here below to install the signature in your e-mail software. Make sure this matches the guidelines of imagery. You cannot add a logo or image in the Outlook Web App. The minimum requirement for the draft is that it contains an overview of the topics you will discuss in the literature review. Download the Word template for the letter Dutch and English version together in one zip file. Click on ‘Save’ and ‘Ok’.

You cannot add a logo or image in the Outlook Web App. Construction ; The department where the research was carried kayout The academic year in which the doctoral diploma will be awarded. Double click in the header to adjust the text there. Available in Dutch or English.

Department of Flow, Heat and Combustion Mechanics

In order to ensure that the fully completed doctoral dissertations including the dust jackets ufent be available at the time of the public defence of the dissertation, the following timing is taken as a starting point:. You can replace the coloured area with a picture if you like.

Grid and layout 7.

thesis layout ugent

You need to upload the electronic version pdf on the Plato-platform. The submission of one fully completed book-block text dissertation covered by a solid non-plasticised layut cover. Use illustrations, graphs and photographs. Ask for a graphic designer if you want to publish something, don’t just do this in a Word file. All video fragments are available in English or Dutch: Keep in mind the following things: Print in colour preferably.


Elements of the corporate style Obligatory rules A fixed format: No, you can contact the supervisors in between the meetings.

No, if you find an interesting paper which you want to buy, you should contact your counsellor. The price without VAT covers the production cost of a complete dust jacket, including printing costs in quadri, plasticising, and the creasing and cutting of kgent dust jackets.

Activate your account for the first time. They should present their first small task and give a planning of their master thesis. Simply use your account name to differentiate which part of Ghent University you are. The draft literature study is actually a table of content of the first chapters of your master thesis.


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The students should give a short introduction of the purpose and targets of their thesis. You can find a template for this paper here. Where are the slides of the thesis kickoff meeting? A good rule of thumb is that one slide takes about one minute.


What are the promoters expecting for layoyt draft of the literature study deadline half of November? Download cover course – Universiteit Gent Campus Kortrijk.

thesis layout ugent

This can be applying the available knowledge to a specific problem, gathering new fundamental knowledge by investigating the identified issues in the literature survey. As employee you can layoit Ghent University-related news on the info screens led tv screens at several campusses.

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Commercial thesi are denied. Introduction and purpose of your master thesis Goal s Results of the first months Thrsis for the following months Expected results think where you want to get and formulate results as if you would have already obtained them Is there a master thesis layout that we should follow writing our thesis?

The doctoral candidate is not responsible, however, for the production of the dust jackets. Ugent laboratory and workplace regulation Safety – Department of Flow, Heat and Combustion Mechanics Are we able to purchase a paper on our own?

Then edit your text. Design them like this:.