Do you feel sympathy for the character of Megan? Registration Forgot your password? So thought Megan, aged ten. Why is the setting so important in the story? Write examples in your jotter 3 or 4. Create a list in your jotter.

Have your character take up the majority of the page, but leave room for your writing. Create a list in your jotter. Which characters are introduced at the beginning of the story and what do we learn about each one? The golf course was stumbled on, as was the stranger the setting mirrors this aspect of the plot — just as they stumble across the golf course, so too do they stumble across the man. What do you think happened to Bobby?

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Shoulders — what do they worry about? Why is the setting so important in the story? What is the setting of the story?

She feels the pressure of having to look after Bobby. Can you identify it? Simply a Story Oral stories what we did over the last weekend Can come from your experiences, imagination, or a.


Work in pairs and use a dictionary if needed. Registration Forgot your password?

Why do you think Megan is such an angry character? Megan eventually worries about her brother, showing her ceitical side. Another Example Megan has scared Bobby again by saying their parents are likely to be locked up for leaving them on the beach.

The Lighthouse by Agnes Owens.

Highlight the relevant piece of text and label it. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

the lighthouse agnes owens critical essay

Glue down on the sheets of paper. This time a hand is put over a mouth to kill, rather than to prevent trouble. Hands — what do they do? The man then kills her. Can you think of examples?

the lighthouse agnes owens critical essay

Her mean and caring actions are representative of a normal sibling relationship. Use a new page for each. She is scared the woman will hear so she muffles his howl. Job, roles, hobbies, etc Stomach tbe what do they hunger for want?

What do you notice about them?

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Download ppt “The Lighthouse by Agnes Owens. Predictions What do we typically associate with lighthouses? Why are you sympathetic? Make sure that you can define the following words along with any others you have underlined.


Lighthouwe the quotation Megan is referring to a pretend monster and is using it to scare and manipulate Bobby. Stick it on the wall when you are done. We think you have liked this presentation. The ending is still a shock to us. Alerts ships that land is near rocks, reefs, shallow waters Guidance and safety Danger Vigilance keeping a look out Make sure you have all these written down. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Violence and murder committed by The Stranger.

Remember that in the exam you have to: Which characters are introduced at the beginning of the story and what do lighthohse learn about each one?