David Thang, Lakeland, Mrs. Although respect is a given, it should be inalienable. Discrimination can take on so many different meanings: Ella Greene, Lamar, Ms. If you joined multiple instruments, it would create a harmony which can sound exquisite.

We are all the same on the inside, so we should be treated like it on the outside, too. Martin loved diversity and he wanted us to celebrate our differences. Martin Luther King was one of our nation’s most important human beings. When we love one another in our families that is a glimpse of the beloved community. Dreaming in color creates strong relationships with diverse races. It would mean being lumped together with the handful of black kids at school. King maintained a Ghandi-like perspective refusing to give society a dose of its own medicine but instead a dose of the forgiving, loving attitude he was fighting for.

Ingredients work in harmony with one another to create the best and most amazing desserts. If you do this you could inspire them, and they could inspire someone else. When we can dream in color, we can live the dream!

swackhamer peace essay contest 2015

This is how embracing diversity brings us closer. My dream from when I was a little girl is the same as it is now. We need is a cleansing rain that will heal even the most ravaged minds in our nation. Because I am a child of diversity, I have an advantage in knowing that there is so much out there to learn and to enjoy. Anthis Scholarship For high school seniors from Fort Wayne Community Schools who plan to attend a public, degree-granting Indiana college. This organization serves Fort Wayne, Allen County and it’s nine surrounding counties.

Cookies are confectionary treats that many people adore- these tasty treats seem to just be a food that will make you sick if you eat too many, or a food that is known to be kept away in a jar somewhere just almost out of reach, but cookies like all baked goods are intricate.


King the flame of racism is all but extinguished and the children of this age have accepted the colors of all races. That package was his burden of cargo, on the road to Utopia. Flashes of green, yellow, and red fly through the air like confetti.

Diversity stands as a gate, not a barrier, to love streaming through. Sojourner Truth, Malcolm X, and Dr.

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Though we’ve faced the bashing down of the levees, we are on the path to rebuilding them together, all the while improving ourselves, our world, and our understanding of it all. Just a small action can set off a chain of events that drastically changes everything. King envisioned that his fight would culminate in a nation that embraces — rather than suppresses- its diversity… We must realize that Dr. In fact, he was absolutely right.

swackhamer peace essay contest 2015

Conteest was not raised to hate and to disregard other people based off of their race or religion. In the past 50 years there have been over to 9, incidents of violence of these leading to thousands of innocent people dying in India Had it not been for the Civil Rights Movement, there was no way I’d be in that class or even this town.

They saw that they could embrace unity and come together with their neighbors, friends, family and colleagues at work. In his heart, he believed that by uniting people who posit his beliefs together, he could make a difference in society.


And the condescension and awkwardness in the air when people stumble upon the topic of race feels like it’s my fault, they’re tiptoeing around the subject because I exist, esaay that room and yet supposedly, I’m not different. But everything is better, it’s water under the bridge, right? We shuffled into our first grade class ready to learn.

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We need the unique talents and ideas of all people to make the world beautiful, just like artists need many colors to make a beautiful painting. The Barbara Mandigo Kelly Peace Poetry Awards is an annual series of awards to encourage poets to explore and illuminate positive visions of peace swackhamr the human spirit. The love of diversity that this world has is evident in many aspects of my life. It is an unexplainable and familiar feeling, and unmistakable when present. Races and cultures add color and character to the canvas.

In order to create the desired picture all the pieces swackjamer be different… Each and every piece has its own significance peade serves its own purpose.

Personally, living the dream of diversity means not only respecting the different races and backgrounds of others, but enhancing the way we communicate and work with one another. Email your poem s in a Microsoft Word attachment.