You will be making your way around, eventually, to NE direction. With a bit healings, and especially using that summon, Holy Mother Plahma, plus switch when you need to, you should be fine. Lastly, people from Cheatcc. Enemy ‘Gorgoda’ in Mystic Forest Ma: It can not be used for profitable, commericial or promotional purposes.

But to move on, use these directions: Item Box in Pebbles’ Wasteland Su: Go north to get to Steel Canyon. Avoid her charms and use Clock Rabbi with Ainna to fasten your movement. At the area with the spikes, summon out Golem. Afterward, speak with the fisherman at SE part of the village. Then go back to take SW.

I have been saying this for nth time, and if you still don’t listen, face the consequences! Then go to speak with Flazen by the entrance. You will end up in the “Mystic Forest”. After, save your game and enter to north.

Take the north one for an Item Box, ignore the left path np take the path at lower right to move on.

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Once the ice field is gone, check the two swords at north. Go SE for items. If you bother to go explore around in Act 2, you should have obtained the “Raiza” summon already.


summon night ex thesis yoake no tsubasa

No matter how eager you are, I seriously don’t know why you bother with a game, esepcially thesiss RPG genre, without being able to read kana. Within the town, there is the usual shop, and also that Luchell with Muga.

Ignore the side enemies and Exena for now. In later of the fight, it’s much harder to avoid til you can get the hang of it.

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After, you will get to anther save point shortly. There are Item Boxes here, so besure to get them.

summon night ex thesis yoake no tsubasa

Then head toward the entrance of the town. If you are just tsuvasa beginner, I don’t mind to help you if you got questions.

He will give you another katakana and you will mostly get a new summon, Peko. Use her to kill the pink ones. Save your game and go north. You will get to an area blocked by webs.

As you enter, another scene. But the tgesis is, you will need to redo the whole switches area and then back track to where you are. Head to Lion King’s Gate now. Eventually, you will see a frog. Eventually, you will get to the Mushrooms Valley, and go through that, you get to Lugant Aummon.


Ok, open up the World Map and check the most northern part. Besure to save your game before the factory. You will end up fighting Gas Dragon. For other genre games, unless the previous games in the series often ssummon English related, otherwise, probably not.

Collect the Item Box and use the Warp Point here to get out of this cave. Also, this is quite the common sense. Another scene and you will be in Lion King’s Gate. If you are the type that can’t even read kana, then why tsubaasa Would you recommend this Guide?

Collect the Item Box at NW then back track down at south.