Where can I take prerequisites? Must be a minimum of 10 points. We begin sending decisions by email in mid-February, and we aim to have notified all applicants by the end of April. Support Structures for Graduate Writing Gradlife blog. University of Toronto Student Life website.

Please print this document for full details. Learning Strategies Offer a variety of services for graduate students including workshops pertaining to learning, writing, and research skills at the graduate level. We can also be reached by email at gradapplications cs. The roundtable includes a working lunch, with five presenters speaking for about five minutes each, followed by a broad conversation. For details on graduate student funding, please visit the School of Graduate Studies website for a snapshot of the main sources and amounts of funding PDF received by doctoral students at the unit and sectoral levels, broken down by year of study. Are professional references accepted as a referee?

sgs university of toronto thesis template

If you have specific research plans, outline them in your statement. Individual consultations are also available by appointment.

sgs university of toronto thesis template

If I am not accepted this year and want to reapply next year, will I need to submit a new application? The only exception to this is the English for Academic Purposes Academic English courses offered by the English Language Program to fulfill English language proficiency requirements. Please visit tornoto SGS website to determine which status you qualify for.

I do not have the required courses to apply.

MSc and PhD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For these, the page numbers should be placed in the centre, half an inch from the bottom edge of the page. Each one-term graduate course is expected to involve 24 to 39 hours of in-class iniversity per term plus assignments to be completed outside of classroom hours.


Students are not expected to have committed to a thesis topic at this time. Interest then accrues on the 15 th of each ss starting in October. To access these funds, you must be in a situation that could not have been foreseen; e. Students who start our graduate program from twmplate bachelor’s degree will receive 60 months 5 years of financial support. You may re-apply in subsequent years, keeping in mind the validity period of GRE and English proficiency test scores.

This Area is Recommended for. Also included in the snapshot is information about average times to completion. A portion from three of those installments goes towards paying a portion of your fees in September, January and May. Please note that the addition of late information to your application does not cause it to be re-read. tlronto

Thesis & Dissertation Writing Support

Permanent resident students are considered domestic applicants. Graduate Department of state department. The following guidelines apply to the main text-based thesis file: Files can be shared to Queen’s and to non-Queen’s users Ability to synchronize your files across multiple devices desktops, theeis, tablets, phones.

Once you have been granted your study permit, your spouse or common-law partner may apply for a work permit. When is my English test score due? What if one section of my English test score falls below the minimum requirements? This is typically the initial meeting with the supervisory committee and is referred to as the qualifying oral examination. Language of Doctoral Theses In Division I Humanitiespermission may be given for a thesis to be written in a language other than English or French when the language has been approved for use in a thesis by the graduate unit concerned.


A supplementary abstract ttemplate about 5, words in English or French must form part of a thesis that is written in a language other than English or French. This format is typical in science labs and less common among humanities graduate units. Some applicants are contacted for additional information or for a telephone interview. We welcome both exchange students and visiting students to U of T in our department. We look at applications in their entirety.

Should Toronti upgrade my courses? Most MScAC students plan to work in an applied research role within industry after they graduate; however, the MScAC program requirements are rigorous enough to pursue PhD studies following program completion. Given our long history and tradition of excellence, the University of Toronto and the Department of Computer Science have established numerous partnerships in public and private industry.

Dissertation writing can also be an isolating experience where students work largely on their own. Do you consider any prior work experience?