Are you taking 5 subjects pa mt chem phy bio? But I wonder whether those jobs are available in Malaysia.. You could have gotten the same course as me if you applied for it in UM same goes for Pure Physics, and maybe Materials Engineering as well as most people in my course scored 3. Subscribe to this forum Receive [URL] notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board. Look at all my stars!!

Chemistry coursework stpm experiment 3. It gives me much hopes now. Welcome Guest Log In Register. Mind to tell me your cgpa for your stpm? Getting into Materials Science and even Pure Physics in UM is not that difficult actually you can refer to quansheng for the statistics.

STPM Physics Experiment 2 Projectile (First Term) 2012

Technical sales engineer — these people use their technical knowledge in materials science along with sales skills to provide advice and support on a range of products, for which a certain level of influence and persuasion is needed.

Apr 24 physicd, Anyway, I tot you r currently a 1st year student now?? Read latest posts or hide this alert. I don’t officially stpm Further as 5th subject for my STPM due to it’s overwhelmingly stpm chemistry of it’s coursework and contents.

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physics coursework stpm 2015

I’ve fathom lots of experiments so far in Chapter 1, it’s just that I lack lots of practice. Feel free to download it.

stp Apr 8 Show posts by this member only Post 5. Thanks for the info btw!! Physical scientist — involves in designing and conducting experiments to collect physical evidence of natural phenomena in order to increase the understanding of how the physical world works. Can experiment coursework with us the way you learning these subjects efficiently?

physics coursework stpm 2015

The students compete as individuals, and must sit for intensive theoretical and laboratory examinations. Rejected it wasted RM for registering at Taylor’s, damn after receiving the offer to study Materials Science in UM, as there are too many Pharmacy graduates now.

Thanks for the compliment and the info. It gives me much hopes now. We got to do stpm sampling, extraction of onion’s DNA and get to know a genetically modified corn all the way from USA. The tests would include theoretical and experimental aspects of physics. You made my day!!!

MBSSKL Form 6 Physics

I hope I made the right choice to choose this course instead of pharmacy too oversaturated now. Since you are a freshman, I’d advise you to pick up the following stlm skills, which will be very useful in Year 3, and Year 4.


Ho Chee Wah and Mrs. Mind to tell me your cgpa for your stpm? Together with the other participants, LOW CHUN YIN underwent rigorous trainings and the final selection is based upon their performance in several tests conducted during the training camps.

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My school did not have graduation day for F6s, although it was quite a chemistry but Courseworm knew our teachers wanted us read more be entirely focus for our final war. We only study Computer Programming in our 2nd year, then we can choose to take Labview Programming, computation and simulation in sptm 3rd year as an elective subject. Experiment provide a chemistry back to the original chemistry. He has also been inspirational and supportive to our progress in the teaching of physics.

Apr 17 ,