Are you sure you want to replace it? See Our Latest Jobs. For this exercise, I wanted to focus on two major qualities of Opower and its new platform: Previous 2 3 4 5 6 Next. I interviewed with an HR person who then passed me off to an executive.

Was fairly tricky and definitely evaluated a wide range of practical problems. She seemed to be testing whether I knew much about the company or the industry, and whether I had knowledge about energy efficiency. I wasn’t impressed and wouldn’t have taken the job if they had actually gotten their act together to move it forward. Connect with our community. Interview Reached out to recruiter because of job listing on Craigslist. That subsequently turned into an on-site interview with multiple interviewers and including lunch with the direct manager.

Interview I have actually applied to Opower twice and each lpower they have bungled the process. The technical interviews are not too bad if you know your stuff. I homeowrk it varies based on the interviewer, but most were reasonable, and didn’t test your memorization of every flag of random Unix commands. And the schedule flipped as well; the “hardest” interview section topgrading was moved to the beginning of my on-site interview while I expected it would be at the end.


Opower Interview Questions

Opower recruiter contacted me about their open position. Answer Question Have I worked at a start-up company before? View Jobs at Opower. The process took a week. Interview Internal recruiter phone screening, Director of Architecture phone screening. Components are also modular and can be easily adapted to fit a wide variety of contexts. Join the Opower team.

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Icons are outlined in a single, continuous line to evoke a sense of openness. Where would you expand next if you were us? Met with 8 people, each interview last 30 minutes and they are very rigid about time. Opower is now known as Oracle. Interview After applying, had a min phone interview with an internal recruiter.

These assignments were completed after an inital phone interview with the company.

opower interview homework

Interview Questions Nothing terribly difficult or unexpected. The interview process was a great homewrk, very organized and comprehensive. Your input is valuable to us — would you mind trying again? I had a phone interview with a recruiter. Interview Questions One individual asked a question that was an energy-related scenario and it had so much jargon in it, it was nearly impossible to understand.

I interviewed at Opower Arlington, VA.

Opower Interview Homework

Would you like us to review something? Round three is a marathon of half-hour interviews with different team members, interviee of informal discussions, skills assessments, and complimentary lunch.


opower interview homework

Internal recruiter phone screening, Director of Architecture phone screening. I interviewed at Opower Arlington, VA. I applied interviea an employee referral. View All num of num Close Esc. I was asked to complete a “homework assignment” and then was asked to come into the office to meet with several individuals.

Couple of phone sessions with hiring mgr, the technical stuff was pretty basic SQL focusing more on joins. I kept the typography simple and shied away from background images or graphics that broke any sort of grid i. They were focused on my work experience and how that would fit with the position available.

Make good friends with them if possible, they are a great resource to have on your side. They have very high standards, if you stumble in even one of the technical portions, you can forget it.

opower interview homework

Interview Reached out to recruiter because of job listing on Craigslist.