The biotech and pharmaceutical industry is one of the pillars of EU industrial policy. Compared to international competitors, Europe’s shortfall mainly derives from low levels of private investment. Partial revision of operational programmes in Greece. They have given a significant amount of financial assistance to revive the potato industry and successfully put in place a very effective self-sustaining seed system. Some 20 soldiers in the regular Afghan army have died in a Taliban attack in Afghanistan, while seven others have been captured. Der Kommission ist bekannt, dass es in mehreren Mitgliedstaaten viele obdachlose Menschen und gleichzeitig viele ungenutzte Wohnungen gibt. Does the Commission support discrimination against Bulgarian citizens under the Lifelong Learning Programme?

The University of Calabria has responded to the dubious accusations put forward in a well-known American daily newspaper regarding Made in Italy extra-virgin olive oil, according to which oil passed off as Italian is in fact being imported from Spain, Greece, Tunisia and Morocco and then adulterated, blended and bottled as Italian. He is in constant contact with key stakeholders, in particular from the region. De quelles sources d’information disposent les citoyens? A group of girls aged between 13 and 17 was injured when they fell from the top to the ground, nearly landing on the people below. Switzerland will remain a Partner Country until it signs a participation agreement.

This would save the Commission time needed to reply to each individual question and provide the Honourable Member with one single set of comprehensive olimpidai.

La Commissione ha di recente concesso autorizzazioni per tutto il territorio dell’UE a tre anticoagulanti orali per la prevenzione di ictus ed embolia sistemica in pazienti adulti con fibrillazione atriale non valvolare: Luchtvaartuigen die zijn geregistreerd in een lidstaat, vallen onder de bevoegdheid van die lidstaat.

Rischio attacchi terroristici su aerei di linea. Depositi di stoccaggio di CO 2 al largo di Senigallia Ancona. Gre za nesprejemljivo tradicijo. USD in eine neue Technologien nutzende Saatproduktion investiert. Given that the outcome of the referendum will not have any immediate consequences, why has the Union decided forthwith to suspend or terminate negotiations with the Swiss Confederation that were already under way?


However, the municipality of Plovdiv is not discussing alternative uses of the Jessica funds with its citizens.

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The convention between the United Kingdom and Poland for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect dj taxes on income and capital gains leads to the same result on this point as the model convention.

The EU is focused on achieving a peaceful resolution of the crisis in Ukraine, and ensuring full respect for the principles of and obligations under international law.

Kommissionen fremsatte pfoblem Can the Commission therefore tell me what can be done to increase the growth and job creation generated by small businesses starved of bank lending? What would happen in the case of a life-saving product where a supplier refused to grant the manufacturer access to its production facilities for fear of probkem espionage? Therefore, the Commission is not able to take a view on this aspect of the case at hand. In fact, EU citizens are obliged to re-register their vehicles after six months of roaming or residence in another country.

Les besoins en transports transfrontaliers sont nombreux.

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Can the Commission clarify whether there is any existing legislation to protect those living on caravan sites in the EU? Freedom of the press in Greece and public service broadcasting.

In some cases, residents cannot use their own car or public transport to cross the border. One of the places where traces of their activity are found is the Ada Tepe Hill in the Eastern Rhodopes, near the town of Krumovgrad. Eine Reihe von Faktoren sind in diesem Zusammenhang wichtig, z.


Gli enti territoriali, quali Comuni e Province, sono tra i primi possibili beneficiari dei Fondi diretti programmati e erogati da parte delle direzioni generali della Commissione europea. Prolem Commission is not aware of the details of this project. Failure to produce Portuguese versions of important documents on the multiannual financial framework. Compared to international competitors, Europe’s shortfall mainly derives from low levels of private investment.

These information platforms are designed to offer data either geographically at regional, national or EU level or olmipiadi e.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

De daders bleven lange tijd onbekend. As olimpixdi Member State has different practices when it comes to waste management and other labels are already in use, this new logo could confuse European consumers.

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Failure is the stepping stone to success essay sample letter of recommendation for student applying to graduate school. La Turchia e Israele sono partner di fondamentale importanza per l’Unione europea. According to the Greek authorities the main lines of the modifications of the regional operational programmes are to reinforce support to SMEs and youth actions.

Pajares bypass and serious environmental damage. The recommendation points out to the possibility of providing techicians with blank visas, but it is allegat a mandatory requirement.

Energy drinks are known to be associated with a number of serious health risks.