In the end, Ayda wins over Lisa and Paul in part with the help of Rabbit and Bear,15 whom she now views as part of her extended family. The politicisation of Islam scholarship in Europe Muslims under scrutiny European-Libyan relations Whom to trust when it comes to Tripoli? Jens Hobus – Down by the River: In submitting this comment, the reader accepts the following terms and conditions: Bahrain defends decision to host White House Middle East meeting.

The month of fasting is supposed to be all about reflection, meditation and abstention – but Ramadan is becoming increasingly commercialised. In this interview with Kersten Knipp, he speaks of his impressions of the country and some factors that have led to the rise of IS in Iraq More. We are now in a position to observe the discourse and, unfortunately, how the practice of exclusion is rearing its ugly head wherever the nation state regains power, from Poland to Hungary to the right-wing nationalist parties in Germany and France. Help Center Find new research papers in: In Kermani received the Joseph Breitbach Prize for his oeuvre to date, the highest endowed literary prize in Germany.

What we should have learned from the twentieth century — most recently in the Balkan Wars and right now in the Middle East — is that the tolerance of the modern European nation state is very fragile.

The news shakes co-Director of the Center for Middle While many have published on core of his argument is the unique him out of his complacency and East Studies and Partnerships.

In May the author, who esszy in Cologne, finally became known to a wider audience when he held the official speech in the Bundestag marking the 65th anniversary of the German Basic Law. Leave this field blank.

navid kermani essay

In the spirit of the fable, Rabbit and Bear come to represent outsiders who themselves are different and marginalized from the mainstream population. For example, during a roundtable discussion on a charter proposed by the Central Council essau Muslims in Germany that was meant to serve as an avowal to the basic principles of the German constitution, two German experts on Islam reproached the Muslim representatives.


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Coury wrote the text detailing the events which is, in fact, the novel itself as a docu- ment of his former self, and that he is now quite ashamed of who he once navir. Speaking of helplessness, how, in the face of the massive wave of immigration we are presently experiencing, can Germany remain — or perhaps become — a tolerant, multicultural, multi-religious society?

Beyond forming part of the cultural background of the immigrant experience, this body of liter- ature also presented Islam in the context of separation and potentially libera- tion, whereas the West provided both refuge and escape, but also necessitated a growing nostalgia for the homeland.

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navid kermani essay

Currency depends on your shipping address. The Old Bridge stari most in Mostar over the Neretva river had stood for over years as a symbol of unity and cultural pluralism in the heart of Bosnia-Herzegovina and was one of the most celebrated examples of Islamic architecture in the Balkans. The essays, by major scholars in the field, cover issues such as gender, religion, cosmopolitanism, mystical experiences, and the power of the liberal arts in a time of neoliberal distraction.

Rabbit and Bear promise to be her friends and tell her how they too had been lifelong friends despite their differences and the general perception that rabbits and bears are not by nature friendly or compatible.

Bahrain defends decision to host White House Middle East meeting. In his new book Navid Kermani explores the question of divine justice and the meaning of suffering.

German Book Prize dssay Amir Hassan Cheheltan has spent years publishing articles and novels in German.

navid kermani essay

In our interview, the renowned German-Iranian publicist esaay a balanced view of globalization and global conflicts. Kermani is music of Ewsay Young soothed a member of the German Academy her and lessened her crying. In the process, he comes to reflect on his own life and values and in the end kermmani his past and the choices he has made. Islam is indeed part of German society and culture today, and, whether or not the project of multiculturalism has failed, it will continue to be important for Muslim writers to explore the diversity of thought and ideas in Islam in order to create new ways of belonging for all citizens in contemporary German society.


The Muslim position, they hold, is therefore contradictory. For Muslims this means embracing an identity as a European Muslim, whereas for non-Muslims this involves an acceptance of Islam as part of Europe.

I am convinced that we can only succeed if we remain European in an emphatic sense.

Where, for instance, does the westernized Muslim fit into this scheme, he asks, or a Bosnian, or a second- or third-generation Muslim immigrant? Another fundamental objection that has been raised about the incompatibil- ity of Islam and the West is the idea that Islam fails to recognize a separation of church and state, or more specifically secular and eszay law. That impact is often benevolent, sometimes the divine intervention is brutal and unbearable for man, as in his collection of stories entitled Du navvid You Should.

He notes, for instance, that in the Islamic Middle Ages, unlike in the Christian medieval period, religious and political authorities were separate. The Islamic Conference association, of which Kermani is a member, has frequently argued about the causes and extent of the problem. This, however, contradicts the reality found in his family as in most other Muslim families in Europe and the Middle East.

That may well be. Kermani begins his study on a very personal note, in which he recalls his Aunt Lobat and the suffering she endured leading to her slow, painful death.

Navid Kermani

But, it would be a problem if he were forced to strictly choose just one identity, as German politicians continue to demand. But are contexts and outcomes being reflected upon with a sufficiently User Account Sign In Not registered? German Literature and Culture Formats: