Presented by Hilary Harper and Michael Mackenzie. I have to agree with Michael Grose that over parenting seems to have become the norm. You’re on the ball Michael while I’m left feel challenged as a result. The absolute best age to have a child. Your child says they’re being picked on at school and you immediately step in for them. I still carry the baggage! I was dumbstruck, completely unsure of what she meant.

Dr Grose says parents these days are “hooked” into they idea that they need to do a “great job” as a parent. The only problem is, this style of parenting encourages dependence, doesn’t help your child build confidence and can lead to greater anxiety later on in life, no matter how good your intentions, writes news. Share on Whatsapp whatsapp. Monday to Friday 9am, Saturday 3pm Repeated: Ready to try transferring control? If our children don’t know the reason – then why should they stop, and why wouldn’t they repeat the same behaviour the next time? But that might not be so easy in a world where parents are benchmarking themselves against one another, and judging one another.

This is also known as Online Behavioural Advertising. I still carry the baggage! As a parent or carer how do you measure just how well your child is doing?

And, he tells me, this is something that parents he works with come to regret when their children are older. Mkchael use other parents as benchmarks.

Parenting expert Michael Grose | Newcastle Herald

Michael tells me he has worked with a mum of children in secondary school michae would leave her kids a list of household chores to do during the day while on school holidays. Your child says they’re being picked on at school and you immediately step in for them.


I am amazed as I watch them with my grandchildren – just how complicated is all seems to have become. Abused children may respect their children – but it is often because they fear them. I think it is important that we parents are there there to support our children, but not take over their problems.

I’m so impressed by Michael’s attitudes to raising children, I’ve ordered his book for my son who’s a great dad, but like all parents needs a helping hand sometimes. The benefits of unstructured free play. Reply Alert moderator Jan M: If we want our children to respect us, then we need to show that we respect them. The methods I was introduced to much resembled those Michael uses.

Parenting expert Michael Grose

I’m finding that’s less these days. Presented by Hilary Harper and Michael Mackenzie.

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The first few years of school can be quite daunting for both you and your child. Reply Alert moderator Kerrie Taylor: You can find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out here.

If the workload is too large, chat to their teacher so they can be the ones who address the problem and offer solutions.

michael grose homework

My children are in Montessori schools where things like self confidence, self motivation, independence and resilience is one of the main tenements of Maria Montessori’s prepared environment as a classroom, but something not measurable on the NAPLAN. Also, unlike my parents, I michaep their opinions, included them in decision-making when appropriate and trusted them always.


Which brings me to the point of saying “no, because I said so”. Parenting educator and writer Michael Grose says the keys to thriving are ‘confidence, character and resilience’. In his new book ‘Spoonfed Generation’, Dr Michael Grose explains the important of children’s independence.

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Many parents still try to earn respect through fear “if you don’t do this, then this will happen”. Many studies over the past few years have shown how over-involved parenting affects children.

michael grose homework

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From breaking news to debate and conversation, we bring you the news as it happens. I have to agree with Michael Grose that over parenting seems to have become the norm. Celebrity moments that made us proud to be a mum. Reply Alert moderator Hrose It means in that context, that the baby is putting on weight and meeting regular developmental milestones.