Winch on Understanding Other People. Likewise, if God looked at a single commodity in isolation he would not see its value form. Similarly, Adorno , p. Benton identifies a tension in Winch between the naturalistic tenor of most of his work and his commitment to the anti-naturalistic view that one cannot give a causal account of human action. Evans- Pritchard , p.

Moral Consciousnes s and Communicative Action. The Theory of Communicative Action, vol. The ” Theses on Feuerbach ” are eleven short philosophical notes written by Karl Marx as a basic outline for the first chapter of the book The German Ideology in As Pleasants notes, these projects are a familiar, and fairly limited, kind of intellectual history. The task is one of persuading people to see what is clearly already there before their very eyes. This being so, witchcraft clearly plays a much greater, more pervasive, role than Christian prayer in their respective societies.

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Western people do not see that exchange value, like human language, is fundamentally a socially generated pheno- menon Marx [, p. Click here to sign up. By Berel Dov Lerner. The latter statement, marrx others invoking analogie s with physics and chemistry, in my view gives a misleading impression of the method that Marx actually follows in Part 1 of Capital.

Doctoral Dissertation of Karl Marx

Carver notes anf we do not only have to be able to tell a story about what motivated Marx and Wittgenstein in order to interpret what they wrote. All social life is essentially practical.

And this description gets its light, that is to say its purpose, from. Money is a phenomenon that has attracted the attention of many prominent social and political theorists, not just Marx.


It would be inaccurate to describe members of Zande and capitalist society as holding false beliefs about the central institutions constituting their respective modes of social life.

Theses on Feuerbach

Modern Westerners behave in much the same way with respect to the forces animating their capitalist mode of production. My remarks on the negativity of money are intended to be of a similar kind.

One would have to be a neuro-scientist to distinguish what one is really thinking and what others are really saying from what merely seems to be the case. The Blue and Brown Books.

Wittgenstein and the Idea of a Critical Social Theory: I am particularly grateful to the following for their advice and critical comments: An analogy can be made here between money and language: Volume 5pp. Furthermore, given the very scanty evidence, they will always seem speculative at best, wishful thinking at worst.

marx and winchs thesis

The circumstances reported in the preceding paragraphs are descriptions of htesis features of Zande social life, which concern such central issues as wealth, possession of scarce resources, social and political power. Nor did Marx publish the “Theses on Feuerbach” during his lifetime. This tendency is the real source of metaphysics. It has since become conventional wisdom in many quarters, and especially among social scientists, and is certainly part of the reason why a relatively small number of social scientists on the left have taken a serious interest in Wittgenstein.

Another problem that Wittgenstein would face is what Habermasp. Furthermore, the individual contributors disagree greatly about the possibility and desirability of wicnhs synthesis of Marx and Wittgenstein.


Marx’s notebooks on the history of technology Tendency of the rate of profit to fall. The point of the analogy is that, considered systemically, money has no positivity, it is purely a means for dividing and distributing the product of collective labour. In place of the Christian prayer analogy that Winch invokes in order to make sense of Zande witchcraft, it is proposed that Western commodity productio n and exchange provide a more appropriateinstructiveand critical comparison.

This mode of explanation manifests thexis such questions as: Typically, they use methods or ideas derived from one thinker to reconstruct the other, or draw on both for social and political windhs. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

marx and winchs thesis

Ray Monk reports that Wittgenstein once told Rowland Hutt: Moreover, theologians and philosophers of religion disagree amongst themselves on the rationale and logical coherence of central religious practices such as prayer. To abstract from the historical process and to define the religious sentiment regarded by itself, and to presuppose an abstract — isolated – human individual. University of California Press.

Consequently, members of these elites were iwnchs accused of witchcraft.