How did you comfort or reassure yourself about the possibility of long-term or permanent separation? This causes the disconnect between the two. What did you like best about my essay? The gypsy moth infestation which did severe damage to the trees was six years ago. Describe your special place to a small group of classmates. During this time many citizens, both black and white, were working to achieve equal rights for African Americans, while others were violently resisting this movement for change. Was there any symbolism in this poem?

R46 See Language Network. Compare his or her voice with Giovanni’s. In the poem “Legacies” by Nikki Giovanni, Nikki does not use any imagery throughout out her entire poem. Connections If you have ever refused to do something someone wanted you to do, describe how the situation in “Legacies” is similar to your own experience. They teach us even when they leave us behind.

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I have modeled a post for “Mother to Son”. The grandmother holds back from saying that the girl needs to “learn how to make rolls,” 3 or to grow up.

Many people take great pride in this and it is a very big deal to receive this tiovanni of information from an elder. Where does the speaker go with the grandmother? Birdland is right in the backyard of The New York Times, so some reporters happened to look out the window and wondered what the crowd was all about, and came down to investigate. SheftCurry February 19, at From Reading to Writing You’ve probably noticed that every action has an effect.


Well, I can say firsthand this is true. She started her own publishing house at age 27 to publish her nikik. Everyone will read the assigned poems and take notes on them; the assigned poster will post a sentence exploration of the poem by 7 p.

legacies by nikki giovanni thesis statement

Remember to include supporting details. Appositives In the following sentence, Nikki Giovanni uses a proper noun to identify her grandmother: The overall themes of this poem are heritage, tradition, and like the poem’s title, legacies. But it wasn’t fair.

Summarize this selection by presenting its main idea. List the special qualities of the person you are thinking of. Will you return safely to me? If she was hurt, she would have a bigger reaction, bj this one seems a bit casual. In the pouring rain, we dashed from the plane to the airport terminal. To bellow is to— F shout G laugh H lie J sing 7. The grandmother wants just the opposite, so that when she is gone the little girl can still go on in life without her.

When you read a piece giovahni autobiographical writing, think about how different it might be if it were written from another perspective. What if Giovanni had refused to march as her grandmother had requested?

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The girl wants to stay in her youth, while the grandmother wants her to grow up. If this sounds like a Cinderella story, remember Giovanji made my own slipper. The little girl thinks to herself and replies to her grandmother “i don’t want to know how to make no rolls” line Connect to Life Look at your own life’s journey.


This is a woman who helped organize resistance to segregation in Knoxville, Tennessee. It helps tremendously, I think, to just learn that “grown” is something between who we, teenagers, guovanni and who our grandmothers are.

Her name is Nikki. In Giovanni published My House, a book of poetry that was organized into two sections.

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Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. I don’t think anything other than perhaps the old blue Sutton Stick deodorant, which Mommy let us use after Gary and I were cleaned up for evening dinner, has smelled as sweet.

legacies by nikki giovanni thesis statement

Why did Grandmother stop giving Giovanni piano lessons? Sometimes you can find the main idea stated in a sentence or two.