States used demonstrations of active-decision making, or the use of personal networks to improve a situation to discount claims to refugeehood and critically, to reject any sense of obligation. Along every step of his journey, there was a relative to help him navigate his entry and residency. Meanwhile, as the humanitarian agenda resonated more globally, the work of the missionaries and church organizations in Hong Kong shifted from advocating for the mere possibility of such 89 Leo F. Still, the group of students and faculty was faced with a difficult decision. Upon graduation, the students disappeared from the gaze of the state and university authorities, only to reappear for anniversaries and commemorations. The Birth of the Prison , trans.

The fact that it is overdue is also something we need to talk about. Arnold Van Gennep, The rites of passage , eds. They controlled neither the form nor the content of the information disseminated about them. For good reasons, this is seen as tragedy. The conclusion returns to the introductory themes of the project and revisits how legacies of exclusion, postwar humanitarian agendas and the migrant mobility of the late twentieth century contributed to shifting perceptions of Chinese migrants and attendant claims to refugeehood in the four decades under study. Chapter Six surveys the changing legal landscapes in Canada and New Zealand from and The Singh decision ultimately led to the creation of the Immigration and Refugee Board.

They critically enriched my understanding of performativity and authenticity from the vantage point of the state. Sopron students in Canada.

Thompson, In Defence of Principles: In theory, they were better off than others, but as Peggy noted when I spoke with her, there was no guarantee of exemptions and the Chinese community was denied basic rights such as education and internal mobility. The conversations I had with seven retired officials from the Department of Manpower and Immigration Canada and Department of External Affairs Canada formed a light version of the ethnography of the diseertation undertaken by Alison Mountz in Lakra Asylum: The first section, consisting of Chapters Two to Four, explores the creation of an agenda around refugees and traces the work of humanitarian actors in advancing madoioro cause of Chinese refugees in Hong Kong Alison Mountz, Seeking Asylum: In investigating the reason for this marked difference, this project connects the mediating role played by humanitarian actors and officials in Hong Kong with longstanding histories of racist exclusion in the settler societies of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.


laura madokoro dissertation

Ultimately, none of the people I interviewed self-identified as refugees. She has worked for the National Debate Transcription project as part lauar the Education Support team and translator. This was important work and too often the significance of their lobbying has been limited to the effects of this advocacy on the communities themselves.

Elusive Refuge

But as the international community started to isolate South Africa in the s, its international discourse started to change. With the emergence of a refugee regime in Europe, the discourse on refugees assumed new aesthetic qualities, humanitarian actors most particularly the UNHCR and those representing the governments in Beijing and Taipei began to embrace the refugee issue in Hong Kong as grounds for all kinds of intervention.

In contrast, The Province celebrated Dr. The state was therefore determined to halt politicized discussions being advanced by Taiwanese authorities, missionaries and NGOs in the colony about a refugee population.

The International Refugee Organisation was forced to campaign aggressively to facilitate passage for migrants destined to Australia and other parts abroad.

laura madokoro dissertation

In furthering an internationalist outlook that championed the idea of charity abroad, humanitarian actors fostered the idea of a refugee as a helpless victim; one who was desperate for assistance and relief. Vocational humanitarianism, by contrast, was an djssertation humanitarianism. The students are not included among the graduates and the Sopron staff are absent from the faculty pages.

He is madokoto curious student of modern history because of its insights into the world he has grown up in. Eligibility of Chinese Refugees, 22 February Parties and Voting in British Columbia Vancouver: I talk a lot about refugeehood and migration because I really think there laurs to be attention to the analytical spaces people were moving through and how the term refugee is used in different ways.


Graphic Publications, Questions of family reunification and protecting Chinese migrants who entered the country illegally fell to the side.

Elusive Refuge — Laura Madokoro | Harvard University Press

See Making People Illegal: This buzz is literal; the product of people from various disciplines and backgrounds coming together to share ideas, discuss, and debate. Memoirs commemorate early weddings and dissertatoon novelty of visiting St. The former suggests a temporary and fleeting presence while the latter implies a more permanent presence.

In the university context, rituals such as hazing or frosh week are undertaken by laua to initiate newcomers into a select community, creating a sense of solidarity and raising the level of group consciousness. Graham argues that Canadian recognition was pursued in a manner that safeguarded the important Canadian-American relationship.

Federal officials expected that after their initial language training students would be able to secure employment and support their own studies.

There is insufficient attention to how the refugee identity is embraced, dissertahion and ultimately adopted by migrants themselves.

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In the Dissertstion context, Stephanie Nawyn underscores the significant role that religious institutions play in American public life, suggesting that their activism on social justice issues is more pronounced than in other secular societies. You argue that this insecurity is an inheritance of empire.

laura madokoro dissertation

Chapter Seven examines the politics surrounding the response to the Indochinese refugee crisis of the late s. I had never heard of this movement, even though it was the first time the Canadian state had resettled refugees from Asia. Canadian Churches and Foreign Policy Toronto: