The relevant part of Section 20 of the Act is as follows: The Medical Council of India is free to advise the University in the matter of securing uniform standards for Post-graduate medical education throughout India as per Section 20 1 of the Act. It is evident from the MCI Regulations that the Post-graduate Committee has not recommended for the insistence of a minimum of 40 percent marks for each paper or for the simultaneous pass in the theory as well as the practical in one go. Please subscribe to download the judgment. The student shall get temporary registration in the Medical Council which is a pre-requesit before starting the internship and a provisional certificate shall be issued from the university for the above purpose.

Page numbers must be included for lists of figures and tables; otherwise, they are of no benefit to the reader. The Tamil Nadu Dr. Supreme Court Of India , 11 Mar Thushara James, Advocate who holds for herself a good academic record as Amicus Curiae. J Kantharaj And Others.

The University has thought it wise that the student must possess a higher level of knowledge of the fundamentals of the subject securing atleast 40 percent marks for each subject and the raising of tuesis bar cannot be found fault with.

It will then take effect from the date of such publication or promulgation. There is no necessity to annul an incomplete statute or regulations which has ceased to be in force after the Kerala University of Health Sciences First Statutes, and the examinations cannot be conducted on its basis.

Ashok Kumar Prasad And Others.

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Please subscribe to download the judgment. The correct test of reasonableness has been propounded by Chief Justice Patanjali Sastri in the celebrated decision of State Of Madras v. It is declared that the KUHS Regulations is a statute in the making or a statute in process incomplete in itself and is neither valid nor effective as a statute applying the law laid down in Rajendra Agricultural University’s case.


Supreme Court Of India31 Mar Several reviews are written on same topic over and Master rguhs thesis topics in prosthodontics Thesis of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health. The needful in this regard shall be done within an outer time limit of four months from the date of receipt of this judgment and the examinations for which process has already started shall however continue.

Where the parent statute prescribes the mode of publication or promulgation that mode must be followed. Upload brief to use the new AI search. Co-ordination and determination of standards in institutions for higher education or research and scientific and technical institutions. It is held therein guidelnes follows: The issue is already concluded by the decision in Ashar.

kuhs md thesis guidelines

The fate of the students should not dangle on the basis of such nebulous or slippery words and it is only fair that the Medical Council of India clears the ambiguity by an explanation or amendment of the MCI Regulations. The Academic Council is not better equipped than the Post-graduate Medical Education Committee consisting of 9 members all of whom possess Post-graduate medical qualification as per Section 20 2 of the Act.

Behavior with patients, colleagues, nursing staff, and other health workers, team work: Madras High Court16 Nov This means that if the same answer-script is given to different examiners, there is all likelihood of different marks being assigned. Uppercase, bold, centered 20pt to 26pt.

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R Medical University v. The petitioners have also a case that the KUHS Regulations have not been notified as yet in the Gazette and that their eligibility to pass in the examinations for the course should be judged according to the MCI Regulations.

An Act of a Parliament can be effective from the date on which the same received the presidential assent whereas a subordinate legislation comes into force only when the same is published in the Gazette especially when prescribed by the Act. Thushara James, Advocate who holds for herself a good academic record as Amicus Curiae. It is mandatory and not directory.


Allahabad High Ugidelines28 Aug The right of the University to prescribe stricter conditions for a Post-graduate medical student to be declared passed guieelines emphasised stating that it is only a step for raising the level of standard. The text must be at least 1.

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It is apposite to extract the following observations of the Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court in Dr. An idiom is after all a group of words whose meaning is different from the meaning of the individual words and one is at a loss to find the purport and intent of the amendment made to the MCI Regulations in this regard.

A reading of Clause 14 of the MCI Regulations can lead to a reasonable conclusion that a candidate should pass in the theory and the practical by obtaining the minimum marks prescribed which take in all the components of the Post-graduate Curriculum.

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Post-graduate Medical Education Committee for assisting Council in matters relating to post-graduate medical education. The petitioners have not been declared successful in the Post-graduate Medical Course for the reason that they have failed to secure the minimum for the theory and the practical in all the subjects simultaneously.

If a very well-written answer-script goes to a strict examiner and a mediocre answer-script goes to a liberal examiner, the mediocre answer-script may be awarded more marks than the excellent answer-script. Kihs Paras Please sign up to view Important Paras.