The second is the lack of building foundations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This means that even well-constructed buildings are often damaged by the collapse of nearby poorly constructed ones. The Uganda Railway Line passes through the centre of the neighbourhood, providing passengers aboard the train a firsthand view of the slum. Archived copy on the Wayback Machine from 12 October Kibera is heavily polluted by human refuse, garbage, soot, dust, and other wastes.

On the basis of data collected in Kianda, the Map Kibera Project team estimated that the whole Kibera slum could be inhabited by a total population ranging from , to a maximum of , people, dramatically scaling down all previous figures. Archived from the original PDF on 28 July Risultati e analisi dalla prima mappatura indipendente della baraccopoli di Kibera. The first is the rate of petty and serious crime. Few houses have vehicle access, and many are at the bottoms of steep inclines which heightens the flooding risk. After Kenya became independent in , a number of forms of housing were made illegal by the government.

The development of an informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya.

Some of the notable schools are Olympic Primary School, one of the leading government schools in the country, Kibera Primary School also called Old KiberaFacing the Future School FaFuas well as several church-owned and privately owned schools. Many csse residents come from rural areas with chronic underdevelopment and overpopulation issues. The slum is contaminated geograohy human and animal faeces, due to the open sewage system and the frequent use of ” flying toilets “.

The colonial government considered proposals to reorganize Kibera, and the Kenya Land Commission heard a number of cases which referred to the “Kibera problem”. Archived from the original on 6 October The Nubis of Kibera: The Umande Trust, a local NGO, is building communal toilets that generate methane gas biogas for local residents. Several actors had provided and published over the years growing estimations of the size of its population, most of them stating that it was the largest slum in Africa with the number of people geographu reaching over 1 million.


Archived from the geograohy PDF on 28 July This means that any construction efforts are made more difficult and costly by the fact that all materials must be brought in by hand. A trained team of locals, after having developed an ad-hoc surveying methodology, has so far gathered census data of over 15, people and completed the mapping of structures, services public toilets, schoolsand infrastructures drainage system, water and electricity supply in the village of Kianda.

Neither side has left any room for negotiation from this position. There is the vocational PCEA Emmanuel Technical Training Centre, offering self-employment skills to the residents and the Tunapanda Instituteoffering free courses cawe technology, design and business skills. The African crowd in Nairobi: Between andgfography colonial government passed a number of laws — such as the Vagrancy Act teography to segregate people, evict, arrest, expel and limit the movement of the natives and indentured workers.

Kibera – Mindmap in GCSE Geography

Archived from the original on 7 February A shift in Kenyan demographics has taken place since then, with geogrxphy Luo and Luhya tribes from the West of Kenya being the primary sources of internal emigration.

Michael Holman’s novel Last Orders at Harrods is based on a fictional version of the slum, called Kireba.

kibera case study geography

The Kenyan government owns all the land upon which Kibera stands, though it continues to not officially acknowledge the settlement; no basic services, schools, clinics, running water or lavatories are publicly provided, and the services that do exist are privately owned.


Presently, Kibera’s residents represent all the major Kenyan ethnic backgrounds, with some yeography being specifically dominated by peoples of one ethno-linguistic group.

Retrieved 31 January Risultati e analisi dalla prima mappatura indipendente della baraccopoli di Kibera.

kibera case study geography

yeography The new ruling affected Kibera on the basis of land tenure, rendering it an unauthorized settlement. The women of Kibera in Kenya Amnesty International”.

Retrieved 29 November Retrieved 29 December The first is the rate of petty and serious crime. The Politics of the Indian Diaspora in Kenya, ca.

Kibera Case Study

In an independent team of researchers began a door-by-door survey named “Map Kibera Project” [35] with the aim to map physical and socio-demographic features of the slum. There are three significant complicating factors to construction or upgrade within Kibera. This page was last edited on 14 Mayat Sanitation — vacutug Phases”. Political tensions in the nation between the ethnic tribes escalated after the geograpyh of President Kibaki in The Nubian community, who have lived on the land for nearly years, are also disappointed with the scheme, and one elder has said that the present housing should be improved instead.

Bymembers of the Geoggaphy tribe predominated the population of Kibera, and had gained control over administrative positions, which were kept through political patronage. Archived from the beography on 12 June