Ameeruddin, Mohammed Pade approximants technique for the analysis of waveguide junctions and beam splitters. Zamin, Syed Ali Integrated quality and maintenance models for multi-stage production systems with batch shipments. Al-Absi, Bassam Ibrahim Numerical discussion of the time domain inverse scattering problem for wave equation. Al-Ofi, Khalaf Aidhah The effect of signal coordination on interesection safety. Azhar, Mohammed Evaluation of ternary cements for improving concrete durability.

Ahmed, Rana Ejaz Multiple access schemes for data communications. Impacts and Participation Strategies. Aboul-Nour, Louay Abdel-Razek Fracture and permeability characteristics of thermally degraded concrete. Azam, Shahid Effect of gypsum-anhydrite on the behavior of expansive clays. Noman, Syed Mubasher Effect of quality on lotsizing, warranty and inventory control decisions. Shafeeq, Mohammed Effect of environment on the fatigue and the tensile properties of glass fiber reinforced vinyl ester and epoxy thermosets.

Al Dajani, Mansour Abdulaziz Optimal control of nonlinear plants using artificial neural networks.

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Sayeed, Mohmmad Azhar Non-uniform reference model in multiple bus multiprocessors. A New Xml File Structure. Ibrahim, Ahmed Doko Templatf implications of architectural dlesign variables. Mohiuddin, Mohammed Ahmed Coupled bending torsional vibration of rotating shafts using finite element. Yaqub, Mohammed Prediction of species concentration and temperature profile in methanol oxygen and argon flame.

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Al-Kharobi, Talal Mousa Mohammed. Hussain, Syed Ehtesham Mechanisms of high durability performance of plain and blended cements. Hamid, Mir Sabeer Investigating smart classroom acoustics utilizing computer modeling. Ali, Bakhtiar Qutub A new blind equalization scheme using the principle of minimal disturbance.


Al-Shishtawi, Mohammad Shafique Ahmad Integrating heterogeneous database schemas using an on-line taxonomy: Khateeb, ur Rehman Distorted wave born approximation calculation of differential cross section of 14N d,a 12C kvupm below 1.

Abidogun, Kamorudeen Babatunde Analysis of turbulent transport properties in a swirling flow of a Can-type combustor. Zummo, Salam Adel Hassan Performance and design of space-time trellis codes for wireless channels. Abdul-Raheem, Mohammed The Temp,ate of objects using rational splines with shape control. Thadpatri, Mohammed Tem;late Maintenance scheduling of power system generating units by tabu search.

Al-Saadoun, Saadoun Saad A Three-dimensional photoelastic investigation of the stress distribution in the anchorage zone of post-tensioned beams. Jamiiru, Luttamaguzi One dimensional coupled vibrating systems with control applied at the coupled points.

Al-Saggaf, Hamed Abdallah Measuring quality in the service industry.

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Catalytic Application in the Coupling yemplate Phenylacetylene with Halobenzene. Esuf Reliability studies of multireservoir system using stochastic approach. Al-Ustath, Ahmed Evaluation of repair materials with emphasis on crack injection repair. Waziri, Saidu Muhammad Protein partitioning in pH-responsive polymeric amino acid and assocating polymers.


Al-Abdulgader, Khaled Abdulaziz Ahmad Effect of sight distance on the safety of unsignalized intersections. Chowdhury, Mohammad Sharif Two improved lossless image compression methods.

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Naeem, Wasif Nonlinear predictive control using genetic algorithms. Abdul Hameed, Laser induced kfulm conversion of methane into methanol.

Zaheer, Shaikh Faisal Improved rate-compatible low-density parity-check codes with applications to wireless channels. Ali, Zulfiqar On a class of inverted distributions. Moied, Khurram Locating optimum water quality monitoring stations in water distribution networks, using genetic algorithm.

Pillai, Sunil Kumar G.

kfupm thesis template

Khan, Mohammed Abdul Razzaq Numerical simulation of turbulent natural convection in enclosures. Hashmi, Syed Shariq Effect of a hydraulic fracture on the performance of a layered gas condensate reservoir.

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Iqbal, Asif Multistream realtime control of a distributed telerobotic system. Ratrout, Ndhal Taisir Estimating the parking demand for mosques.

Quddus, Abdul Heat transfer characteristics of ice solidification using a two-phase closed thermosyphon.