When two or more languages come into contact to form a new language a Creole language is born. Whom did you see? A thick green binding breaks my meditation. Most Jamaicans already know patois and it is believed that with only a few hours of formal instructions, an English speaker with reasonable intelligence will be able to learn the basics Vasciannie, History’s Influence on Jamaican Patois and Identity To understand where the Jamaican Creole derives from, we need to look back in its history:

Wikipedia Therefore the slaves lived in a speech community of many different languages and dialects and were forced to work together on the plantations, even though some of the African tribes were enemies. Word patterns in spoken language hold power when influencing others Adler and Proctor, The acquired conviction that Jamaican Creole is a language, showing all the different aspects involved in what is known as Universal Grammar, may lead not only to enhance the lobby for appropriate legislation regarding its use in wider social circles and instruction, but also to important language comparisons which may result in fruitful inter-language avenues and a valid source for a successful language teaching and learning. Help Center Find new research papers in: Essential words which people could not find an English name for, such as people, things like plants and animals and activities especially religious ones were taken from a variety of West African languages. The Power of Language words – 3 pages , Annie Sullivan, showed her the power of language goes beyond words but also into actions. Other examples of useful positive transfers, which may be taken into consideration when deciding the most adequate methodological approach, could be:

Jamaican Patois and the Power of

These persons took their mother tongue with them to schools and the workplaces, while at the same time they were improving their social standing as a result of their educational growth. Part of the problem, perhaps, relates to the fact that many individuals, including teachers are not fully aware of the fact that English and Creole are two separate languages and should be treated accordingly.

Table of Content 1. Affirmative Action and Patoiss Admissions: Sometimes, they act in a positive way upon the second language aiding in the formation of the inter-language of the learner. For example a Rasta would say “I and I went home,” never “I went home.



Jamaican Patois and the Power of

Rastas do not converse back and forth, but they “reason” by putting their minds together payois discuss essqy from politics to sports or everyday Jamaican life Nicholas, They also uamaican that the grammar is actually very similar to strategies used by children trying to learn to speak Gladwell, Most Creole languages are based on one language. For examplethe “de” sound in the word “dedicate” is replaced with “liv” to form the up-full sound “livicate”.

The local Jamaican language is a reflection of a history of contact with a variety of speakers, but the jamqican language remains to be Standard English Pryce, Rather than being about bilingualism or illiteracy, this debate is more about Jamaicans creating a distinctive identity for themselves as well as acceptance of their identity stemming from their unique heritage. The local Jamaican language is a reflection of a history of contact with a variety of speakers, but the official language remains to be Standard English Pryce, Object of the verb A hu dis?

Patois is a term used widely in Jamaica, but patois can refer to any language considered broken or degraded in the world. The development and use of a Creole spelling system is often ignored because paotis the widespread belief that Creole is patoiss to use when reading and writing. The question is whether to dwell on the differences between the Acrolect and the Basilect, as well as the intermediary phases which conform the Mesolect; or to come to terms with the fact that all of that conforms a remarkable linguistic ensemble which may be termed Jamaican.

Kwa, Manding, and Kru are amongst the variety of prominent African languages apparent in Jamaican history.

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The comparative studies with foreign languages may offer patoiz tools to enhance language teaching and learning. Pulis discusses a philosophy if language known as “word-sound-power” in relation to the Rasta dialect. It is argued that making Jamaican an official language will help to increase the self-esteem of many Jamaicans and add more strength to their identity if patois was considered as valuable a language as any other language.


Propaganda is the spreading of information in order to influence public opinion and to manipulate other. Dancehall is a form of reggae but its meaning has slightly.

Patojs speakers are often compared to those speakers of Standard English.

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Music is the best way to reach the people and it plays an important role for standardization. The power of language in reggae music has stung the government and has been adopted by politicians. During the heyday of sugar, betweenincreasing numbers of Africans were imported to work on the large plantations. There is a growing movement pressuring patols government to make Jamaican Creole an official language.

jamaican patois essay

In this case, language has become one of the most influential driving forces in its ability to enhance communication with others.

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There already had been African slaves who were brought by the Spanish sincebut when the British came they had to free their Negro slaves, who either fled to the isolated hills where they became the so called maroons or they became slaves of the British.

Many people do not like the idea of the possibility of traffic signs reading “nuh iamaican ya so” or “ungle one way”.

This may be a result of the books being fairly expensive and inaccessible. Kingston Publishers Limited, One of the most powerful letters pxtois the alphabet used by the Rastafarians is the letter, number, and word “I”. This is the period thought to be most responsible for the forming of Jamaican language, which we now call Jamaican Creole.