Over the past year, freedom and security in conflict-affected and fragile states was advanced, enabling international partners to more effectively address global insecurity and respond to threats posed by international crime, terrorism, and weapons and materials of mass destruction. This includes the UN system broadly, its peace and security architecture and peacekeeping missions specifically, as well as international financial institutions, the Commonwealth, and La Francophonie. By establishing Agency priorities following the development of the plans for the same time horizon, there is no opportunity to ensure that external plans i. There is little consistency between the staffing models between the four centres of CFSI. To mitigate this limitation, multiple sources of analysis are triangulated for evaluation questions about relevance, performance, and to a lesser extent, efficiency.

As reported by interviewees, there is the lack of integration between various systems employed to manage GAC training. Building on sub-program results, this program also assessed Canadians’ overall satisfaction with routine consular services, based on feedback submitted by clients after receiving consular assistance. It is recommended that the Department explore options for centralizing the core management functions related to CFSI training delivery funding, curriculum design, learning advisory services, reporting, policy making, and evaluation while establishing a standardized approach for collaboration with other bureaus on training delivery. Number of new foreign investments and expansions of existing foreign investments in Canada facilitated by the Trade Commissioner Service. As noted above, operational objectives and plans for accommodation services are not in place and the Bureau’s authority has never been adequately communicated and exercised. Degree to which actions that are led or supported by Canada support strengthened adherence to international law. Find out how your small business can manage rising logistics costs.

As part of the CFO’s independent review, refer to 1b above, the information needs of the function will be determined to allow for cost analysis and other performance measurement. It provides numerous other federal and provincial government departments, non-governmental and private sector organizations with a wide range of intercultural effectiveness, pre-departure, re-integration and orientation to Canada courses.

DFATD provided Canadian industry with prompt and reliable service when applying Canadian pla and import controls, meeting all legislative, regulatory and international obligations.

integrated corporate business plan dfatd

Canada is working to build nitegrated more peaceful and safer world. Return to footnote vi referrer. Ijtegrated Agency developed a overarching Corporate IBP that was signed by the President in Octoberseven months into the fiscal year.


Overall, DFATD continued to exercise prudent stewardship of Canada’s assets abroad, generating significant operational savings for taxpayers. Canada is working to strengthen national systems to protect children and youth, particularly girls, from violence, exploitation and corporatw, including stopping the practice of child, early and forced marriage CEFM. However, instances were reported where managers initiated staffing actions outside the formal HR roles corpoarte responsibilities framework.

The evaluation also found that despite acknowledged capacity limitations, CFSI has effectively supported the delivery of training for most providers throughout the Department. Increasing the participation of individuals, particularly women and youth, in economic activities increases their access to, and benefit from, opportunities in the informal and formal business sectors. Does it make sense for other DFATD training service providers to be delivering the kind of training that they currently provide?

Education is a powerful empowerment tool for girls and boys. Market access for Canadian investors in Asia was improved with the entry into force of the FIPA between Canada and China Footnote viii The Prime Minister’s visit to China in produced an agreement on a Chinese currency clearing arrangement in Canada, expanded market access for Canadian products, and enhanced nuclear cooperation.


integrated corporate business plan dfatd

These two results demonstrate a slight decrease from Contributions to the Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative helped prevent cororate transmission of HIV from mothers to their children in Swaziland, Uganda and Zimbabwe through training for community leaders and peer facilitators. In the coming year, as the department implements its plans and priorities, a percentage of funds will be set aside for experimentation with new approaches. The department will also provide assistance in early recovery, busness appropriate, including for populations that are forcibly displaced.

The FITTskills online courses were very engaging and I enjoyed working at my own pace and on my own time. To help ensure the security of its personnel, at home and abroad, three risk responses were fully implemented and five responses will continue to be implemented within DFATD’s Corporate Risk Profile. Global Affairs Canada will continue to implement multiple approaches to addressing pressing security concerns, including through targeted stabilization programming in fragile and conflict-affected states and the deployment of Canadian civilian experts.


Evaluation of the Canadian Foreign Service Institute – FINAL REPORT

Through its ongoing planning activities, the Agency will strive to maintain a manageable number of internal priorities. Recognizing that the IBP process is relatively new at CIDA and is continuously being improved, we examined the launch of the process. As can be expected, the Department’s international mandate influenced the delivery of corporate services over the years.

Sample integated plan executive summary.

Two lines of evidence were used in this evaluation: This type of framework is similar to what OGDs do in corporat type of delivery models described in greater detail in section 5. The auditors found that each Centre of Expertise is presently responsible for co-ordinating training and career development of their staff.

Integrated corporate business plan dfatd

Canada helps to build and safeguard an open and inclusive rules-based global trading system. Corporate Services vary in scope and capacity from one organization to another. The National Accommodation and Domestic Security Bureau should pursue on a priority basis the completion of its national accommodation plan and strategy and position it as a foundation piece for the provision of future accommodation services.

Service delivery is generally effective with the Human Resources Branch maintaining control over key functions. DFATD also provides advice and services to help Canadian businesses succeed abroad, fosters foreign direct investment in Canada, and supports international innovation, science and technology.

International Trade Management

Personnel are safe, missions are more secure and government integraed partner assets and information are protected. The decision to parcel out the audits flowing from the preliminary survey corpotate a series of smaller audits was undertaken given the unmanageable size and scope of a single audit covering the full range of areas to be examined.

To support departmental policy research and the development of departmental priorities, a comprehensive environmental scan was completed that identifies anticipated trends in the global environment over the next three years.