It will automatically number the subsection wherever your cursor is. May I request you to inform how to add references and appendices in your template which will be automatically generated in the navigation pane as well as in TOC. If you still cant understand, Mr Google always ready to help. When you use Heading 1 style. Writing Chapter using Template. The styles are saved in First Paragraph style and the subsequent paragraph uses Normal style.

I’m referring to panduan penulisan tesis. Right click the subtitle style, modify, and make sure the center format is active. If you still cant understand, Mr Google always ready to help. Dear dps and everyone accessing here for gaya ukm, Thank you very much for providing template for gaya ukm. Choose Format, then Tabs.

Gaya UKM – Tutorials, Tips & Tricks: Download

The reason I asked you to open this window is so that you can clearly notice what is really happening when we go through this tutorial. The difference of this file with ordinary Word file is the styles and margins that I created according to UKM style.

gaya ukm thesis template

Heading 3 – Subsection of a Chapter. Check the styles on top right of your Word window. I found the guide of setting caption in: In TOC pages, you use page numbers i, ii, so on. Journey to The End.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Thesis Template (English) – Overleaf, Online LaTeX Editor

I’m still trying to use this template, 1 For reference, when I use it as usual, in the table, it automatically written as Chapter Make sure you choose the last tab stop you can click the number in the list dialog. Try to Google about section break if you still dont understand. Hi UKM students, Today I want to share to you all the template that I created so that you can write your thesis smoothly without having h If you want to modify haya, don’t use traditional way but instead, you modify the style directly.


Well, of course nothing, that is your task to write: Try to click any items in the navigation pane, the cursor jumps directly to the section. This is very useful later on if you have many sections and subsections in your thesis. You manually write them, before the TOC.

Managing Thesis Effectively using MS Word: Gaya UKM Template

Then the table number is generated automatically. I’m welcomed if you have other option. The last tab stop supposedly is I will tnesis appreciate any help in this regard. What I mean is that, don’t leave it blank as I told you in the guide, but write the title, for example: Navigation pane is very useful tool gaaya you to quickly jump to certain chapter, section or sub-section. In the beginning of this tutorial, I asked you to leave page 1 empty.

gaya ukm thesis template

You have to use Section Break before every chapters. Though in my previously prepared ukk five files for five chapters and individual files for references and appendices I prepared the tables compatible to gaya ukm, when I tried to copy these tables in your template, they teplate very awkward and I even cannot edit them in my effort to make them compatible to gaya ukm.


However, the issue is the caption of table or figure.

Dear dps and everyone accessing here for gaya ukm, Thank you very much for providing template for gaya ukm. Tick also “Different on first page”. So, before chapter page, insert Section break – next page.

gaya ukm thesis template

The purpose of the last tab stop is to position the page number. Welcome to my page.

The numbering is 1. Anonymous 2 May at So, basically that is it how you use my template to write chapters.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Thesis Template (English)

Lets temlpate on to next topic to finish what we skipped in the beginning. Yes, you can write the whole thesis in 1 file. When you use Heading 1 style.