But parents say that with travelling as well it means most children are out from 7. The bottom line is that even if the Local Authority is responsible for the mistake, the child is not grammar qualified and so not entitled to a place without appeal! Six Districts were left with no non-selective vacancies at all, in spite of the extra places added in: More than parents have signed the petition online Parent Angela Cross described the proposals as a “total joke”. I look at this in more detail below. According to the rules the school will now become a Sponsored Academy, hopefully not with Reach2! There is significant pressure for Year 7 places across the Borough that rises from a forecast deficit of places in to a peak of in

Any concerns please email our Attendance office: They can be added to the several thousand who left school in previous years. This means that most appeals unusually are likely to be from girls who have not passed the Kent Test. Several times KCC failed to come up with Ofsted approved Plans to move the school on as documented here. Do not panic and take possibly rash decisions.

Folkestone academy homework petition

Immediately below is full list of those schools oversubscribed with more than ten first choices grammar qualified than places. During the year we will finalise proposals to establish a further 6FE of provision from Share or comment on this article: However, it is clear that for the large majority of these schools, few appeals are successful. Very difficult to win an appeal with just two out of 19 appeals upheld last year.

A very high places went to first choices out of offered, the highest proportion of any grammar in West or NW Kent. But due to changes in government policy the school is not achieving the right results which is already hard enough when all the brightest students in Folkestone go to the two grammar schools.


The new school will hit this hard. The intake number increased in from to the current Corporate Bespoke Service Ltd. The document sent to parents said: There is significant pressure for Year 7 places across the Borough that rises from a forecast deficit of places in to a peak of in Spires Academy is building under its new sponsors with just 7 LAAs well down on previous years.

The most interesting school is Simon Langton Boys in Canterbury, which has expanded by 30 places toeven though it has seen 37 fewer first choices than ina larger fall than all but two other grammar schools in the county.

The total number of vacancies at this stage is places unfilled, in The Inner residential area cut off score rose to up fromwith outers reaching the stratospheric requirement ofalso up from The majority of EHE children are registered with Local Authorities who have a legal responsibility to carry out can only be minimal checks. Do not expect it beforeand in the experience of other new Free Schools across the county, or later!

folkestone academy homework petition

This means that most appeals unusually are likely to fokkestone from girls who have not passed the Kent Test. The most oversubscribed school is Brompton Academyas it has been for many years, turning away first choices. Unforgiveably, there are no central statistics on any EHE matter, but it is clear that a high proportion of such children have not chosen this route but have been forced down it by schools being unable or unwilling to make provision for their needs.

Folkestone academy homework petition

Another children, or 9. Any concerns please email our Attendance office: Any final words for our readers? St John Fisher Catholic School. Medway in, 22 out ; Bromley 89 in, 15 out ; East Sussex 81 in, out ; Bexley 66 in, 63 out ; and Surrey 1 in, 68 out.


Arnold Schwarzenegger regrets cheating on Maria Shriver with his housekeeper folkestone admits it was a huge homework Yin to her yang! Last year, although it filled by virtue of 41 LAAs, it has kept them all, or attracted replacements, so it was still full for its places at the January school census.

folkestone academy homework petition

Many of these will be Isle of Sheppey folkesotne desperate to avoid the school who do not include it in their applications, but finish up being allocated as the other Swale schools are full.

This is only relevant in this table to the number of LAAs, which are likely folkesyone be petitlon than the figure quoted for each District. The first is Copperfield Academywhose children have been failed for as long as I have kept records and before. Most of these will vanish after appeals and late applications. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? I make no claims to have inspectorial skills and so rarely visit schools, but to my eye this is a school to be proud of.

The school has had a recent roller coaster ride with admissions, as you can see from the Individual School Data.

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