A food court serving Penang delights is right at the end of the ground, just above the Owl Museum. The second highest number of respondents came from the states that may also be influenced by the relatively short distance compared to other states. Recent reviews of the railway system resulted in a complete overhaul of the system in According to the official portal of the National Archives of Malaysia, some engineers and contractors also have the responsibility to build the railroads. The facilities available provides comfort to the visitors.

This is really close to home for us! Penang Hill has a population of about locals. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Penang Hill. From local street food to pizzas and iced desserts, you have it all under one roof. Did you visit the hill in the day time or eve? On December 3, , the researcher received a call from a representative of Penang Hill Corporation, Ms. The researcher also touched on the studies conducted by other researchers who discussed the same issues.

Here are the tools used for this study: Thus when viewed through the table, it showed that the age of 21 to 40 years old agreed that this destination has something to offer to them as visitors.

Most of esxay respondents came from Penang recording a total of 67 people while the second highest number of 39 people who came from Kedah. Numerous trekking trails lead from various starting points in the lowlands to Penang Hill.

The researchers uses some books to obtain information about such theories introduced by the authors in specific areas such as tourism, visitor perceptions, theories of motivation and so on.


Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera) Ayer Itam, Penang – Malaysia Tourist & Travel Guide

This means that the hypothesis described discusses the assumptions that will occur after bendsra review is done. In the early days the only way to the top of hill was to travel on foot or horseback, or be carried on a dooly sedan chair. It is a nice blog! Among the 72 self-employed respondents, a total of 44 respondents strongly agreed to pay a visit to the Hill during the school holidays or public holidays.

essay about bukit bendera

A system of bridle paths forms a picturesque labyrinth of walks connecting the different bungalows. This is because, the researchers assume that the individual is the best choice to be interviewed. Some of the trails are used by farmers to transport produce to the aboyt of Balik Pulau and Air Itam.

Here is a direct link to the big map. Esxay local street food to pizzas and iced desserts, you have it all under one roof. It had stopped rising.

The sunset view from the top wbout Bukit Bendera. The top of the Hill offers fantastic views of the island and mainland, lush greenery, quaint colonial style architecture and cooler temperatures. Heritage Trees of Penang. A museum of fun — Of poses and clicks! Therefore, the study recommended that the management of the Bukit Bendera to offer various promotions and also improve the quality and quantity of infrastructure in Bukit Bendera in order to attract more visitors in the future.

August Learn bu,it and when to remove this template message. Once on the top of the hill there is buggy service of 20 min is available to take a tour around the hill at a cost of RM Individuals who bukih in the government sector has a lot of holidays regularly according to the annual calendar.


essay about bukit bendera

A buggy ride costs RM 30 for 4 people on a single ride and takes about minutes for the entire tour. Thanks for dropping by!

essay about bukit bendera

Nestled in Air Itam, it is about six kilometres from George Town. We saw a grey line in the distance moving towards the shore.

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Penang Hill

It seemed to grow taller by the second. We reached to the top in about 10 minutes. Subasni who told the researchers that they gave the permission for the study to be conducted.

The area seems to be quite big according to the map on the website.

A total of respondents aged between 21 and 30 years recorded the highest number. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Researchers also held some interviews for the respondents for additional information which includes some managers of the Bukit Bendera itself.