This research employs qualitative research design. The main contribution of this dissertation is two-fold. The current value creation processes and practices do not provide customer value coherently throughout the value creation and thus the likelihood that the outcome is not in line with the case-specific customer value increases. In addition to materials, energy and natural resources, I see human resources and their social capital as essential. Over TU Delft Menu openen. I am especially interested in featuring the concept of waste in the smart use of resources in CREM by streamlining the value creation through re-engineering, re-designing and re-structuring.

Commercial use is prohibited. The interaction between the sources of waste creates a vicious cycle. The main contribution of this dissertation is two-fold. Increased mobility of employees and the possibility to work from anywhere and anytime challenge the concept of organisation’s office as an only place to work. The results of this thesis encourage to continue utilising lean thinking in the real estate field. How to achieve and maintain the near-zero approach?

ManagementConsumption, Services Keywords: The results of this dissertation show that workplace is transforming due to the need to support employees and their needs in corporate organisations and new services that are offered at the workplace are developing in a direction supporting employees and their work outside corporate offices.

Sen sijaan on keskitytty ns. For more publications, please see my Google Scholar profile scholar. This thesis is interested in the production of value in real estate services. You may download, display and print this publication for Your own personal use.


dissertation tuuli jylhä

How to use near-zero waste systems from other fields such as health care, construction, car industry in CREM? Accepted to be published 27 December Commercial use is prohibited. Organisational changes, technological development, and new ways of working are disseertation the workplace.

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The main contribution of this dissertation is two-fold. The aim of this thesis is to contribute to the knowledge on the value creation of real estate services. Central questions that motivate me in the smart use of resources in corporate real estate management:.

Why is the workplace becoming ‘as-a-Service’? This research employs qualitative research design. What is waste in CREM? Arvontuotantoa tutkittiin kahden tutkimuskysymyksen avulla.

The results of this thesis encourage to continue utilising lean thinking in the real estate field. This thesis has two main research questions. Tuloksien mukaan nykyisen arvontuotannon kyky tuottaa arvoa on heikko. It is one of the first attempts to conceptualize workplace transformation from service-oriented perspective. My passion is to move the CREM industry towards near-zero waste.

Workplace management

For example, poor information management with flooding, lacking and missing information generates more wasted activities, such as searching for information, and thus increases the overload of employees. Some features of this site disseration not work without it.

Based on the findings regarding the first research question, the second research question was focused on waste, i. Second, for practitioners, this dissertation provides an ontology business models that guides organisations transforming workplace from physical space to ‘as-a-Service’ model.


Creating Value or Waste ? Evaluating the Production of Real Estate Services with Lean Thinking

Therefore, breaking the vicious cycle becomes more difficult, if the improvement actions do not minimise the sub-processes. The first research question addresses how disserttation the current value creation is in customer value delivery from the lean thinking perspective.

First, servitization theory is introduced to extend dissertatioj current workplace management theories. In my current research, I am interested in the smart use of resources in corporate real estate management. Further, conducted business model analysis demonstrates that workplace can be offered as an overall experience by following servitization principles and increasing service offering to meet the needs of employees. For example, separate sub-processes stimulate poor information management when information is passed from one sub-process to another.

dissertation tuuli jylhä

Future research on ‘Workplace-as-a-Service’ concept and deeper insights from servitization approach in workplace management would be beneficial for the ideas presented in this dissertation. JavaScript is disabled for your browser.