In my own defence, I gave a 10 minute talk first in Finnish because there were non-academic audience, like my family. After the public defence the Examination Board convenes to decide the grade to be awarded pass or fail. The reviewers will then examine your monograph and produce a written statement, similar to that made by a referee at a scientific journal, with comments on the quality and scope of the thesis. Thesis Defence and the role of the opponent. Speaking of Peter, back when I was in grad school he was an opponent for a Swedish PhD defense as well. You can ask around if you have people who defended recently.

The eveningparty, which is very formal with the dinner and mixing of work and family not at all common in Sweden compared to NA. The respondent is then given the opportunity to add any last minute changes or corrections, after which either the respondent or the opponent are required to give a brief presentation of the subject field and thesis. But, it turns out it is better to fill it out in advance and use a bit of an estimate instead of waiting until you are sure about everything. You will probably have to fill in a form with details on your thesis, like how many pages, copies, etc. The Chair then declared the defence closed, and the candidate and audience left. Again, allow for contingency:

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This whole thing probably took about 6 months for me, but I made the time plan about a year before defense. Prefrontal control of the tactile sense. The opponent and members of an Examination Board must thus have absolutely no connection with you personally, your supervisor or your project. Gifts for your supervisors.


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Novel methods for magnetic resonance imaging quality assurance. Brain mechanisms underlying perception of naturalistic social events. You will probably have to fill in oppnoent form with details on your thesis, like how many pages, copies, etc.

For karolinzka, it was the latter — fewer things to worry about. This is to protect you from having to postpone your defence if the process is delayed for some reason. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

dissertation opponent karolinska

Cancel reply Enter your comment here The biggest advantage of the opponent system is that it ensures independent review of the thesis by someone who knows the thesis very, very well. About my PhD defense in Germany — biologyforfun.

The “opponent” system: my experience at a Swedish PhD defence

Besides the date, you also need to discuss the list of potential opponent, examination board, and chairman — they have to be karolnska for availability. In case the links break, the main link for all forms is this one. Your dissertation board is made up of the people you select dissertatjon judge your papers, thesis and defense. I meant the kind of roasting where you make fun of the person did I used the right term.

To get this, you need to be part of a union and pay A-kassa for minimum 1 year before you will need the unemployment benefit.

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Usually the permission will be free of charge, you just need to do it so you have proof you had the right to use it. All the best — lycka till!


Experiments with pharmaceutical and physiological stimuli on behavior and brain signals in rodents and non-human primates. Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering. IT, E-mail, letter templates and logos.

dissertation opponent karolinska

Identifying and modelling context sensitivity in the auditory system of the brain. The intended learning outcomes stated in your personal study plan can be a good base to write about. More importantly, the candidate and I went for lunch, along karolineka his supervisors and the Chair of the defence.

The members must be free in their assessment so that no doubt can be cast on the objectivity of their decision see Avoiding COI below. This is a pragmatic form of quality control, and the department believes that the pre-defense protocol, together with the quality control by the senior faculty members, helps increase the quality level of theses oplonent general.

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Karplinska defence can go on for some time. Ari Koskelainen and Jouni Partanen, opponents: The eveningparty, which is very formal with the dinner and mixing of work and family not at all common in Sweden compared to NA.

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