There were several problems, though. It’s bad enough with the utterly unrealistic white board problems. We strongly encourage students to form study groups. Consists of bite-sized videos and quizzes followed by a mini-project for each lesson. Hopefully this review at least gives you a starting point to weigh the pros and cons, though. In this class, you will learn about the most effective machine learning techniques, and gain practice implementing them and getting them to work for yourself. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Introduces the core concepts of machine learning and a variety of algorithms. The course even teaches students how to use AWS to deploy machine learning software to the cloud. A lot of CS courses also have a project component where you get to use whatever resources to make something new. The exercises involve mostly copying and pasting, rather than writing entire scripts. How exactly does the fact that these solutions are rewritten in python indemnify the author from this?

CS229: Machine Learning

I can also have a roughly intelligible conversation about deep learning with people who know more about it than I do e. Do what you want.

coursera ml homework

Four hours per week over six weeks. You are being condescending and are plain wrong, we don’t need such snobbery in our industry.

CS Machine Learning

For longer discussions with TAs and to get help in person, please attend office hours. You definitely need to take the first course before you do these, but you can‚Ķmaybe skip courses two and three. In the complex arena of ML, that still leaves things fairly complex Under certain rules, it’s ok to create derivative corsera of art from the public domain, and it’s even ok to create derivative works of art from copyrighted material, provided you follow certain restrictions and abide by a fairly complicated, inanal set of royalty sharing regulations.


I have had a hard time understanding math and programming and logic in general from whatever resources. The course ends with students building a recommender system to recommend popular musical artists. I liked the specialization and think it was worth it because the information homesork organized in a way that maximized my likelihood to grok it.

All official announcements and communication will happen over Piazza.

coursera ml homework

Overall, I am so glad I took concrete steps to enter the machine learning world inand I would encourage you to do the same in In the term project, you will homeowrk some interesting aspect of machine learning or apply machine learning to a problem that interests you. So I started creating a review-driven guide that recommends the best courses for each subject within data science.

Some thoughts on the Coursera Deep Learning Specialization

Programming examples and assignments are in Python, using Jupyter notebooks. If you don’ have good speakers you might need headphones to hear him talk.

Professor John Paisley is noted as brilliant, clear, and clever. My top three recommendations from that list would be:.

Estimated timeline of six months.

coursera ml homework

The course begins with a linear algebra refresher and explains machine learning concepts like gradient descent, cost function, regularization, etc. Everyone found the programming exercises on backtesting a challenge! Unlike some other poorly-thought-out MOOC where you waste courseta looking for information or confused about what is expected, this class is extremely well organized and presented in a straightforward, humble manner.

However, if you are stuck on a problem, looking at others’ solutions and studying them homeeork let you see exactly what you are missing.


You will probably need to plan to spend more time on this class than estimated if you are a newcomer to computing, but only due to your background, not because the instructor has not organized the material in the most efficient and convenient format possible. MOOCs care because they want to be in the credentials game, but some students want to be in the credentials game too. Notify me of new comments via email.

Amazing course, though not ideal for homewrok scope of this guide. Five to ten hours per week hhomework ten weeks.

Estimated timeline of four months. University of Washington Machine Learning: This course assumes that you have basic programming skills. Professor Ng was very careful to present the material without much math — impressive to say the least.

Every single Machine Learning course on the internet, ranked by your reviews

You come away from the course with the satisfaction of genuinely understanding machine learning, enough so that you could even build your own machine learning framework from scratch. We use octave to write the codes. Taught by the famous Andrew Ng, Google Brain founder and former chief scientist at Baiduthis was the class that sparked the founding of Coursera.