Click here to sign up. The report concludes on a positive note indicating immense growth potential for brand Air Asia Berhad in the Aviation business. Remember me on this computer. Published by HBR Publications. This has helped AirAsia to open up and capture a sizeable market in Thailand. This strategy would also be beneficial in dealing with the regulatory authorities of the international destinations. Lastly, their excellent utilization of IT have successfully contributed to their promotional activites; such as email alerts and desktop widgets which was jointly developed with Microsoft , as well as being able to keep costs low by enabling direct purchase of tickets by customers therefore saving on airline agent fees.

AirAsia is one of the airplane companies, which is implementing E-commerce and maximized their information technology usage to make the efficiency and effectively in their company and make possible low cost carrier in their business. An organization opting for a diversification strategy has to move out of its existing products and market segments in to new unexplored areas. With the cost-efficiency, low complexity and profitability are always the cornerstones of building a strong business. These four steps are useful for the brands in engaging their consumers effectively throughout the entire customer life cycle David, For Air Asia, it is subject to intense regulatory scrutiny by Environmental Protection.

Good customer service and management is critical especially when competition is getting intense. However, there will be also some reduction in overall travel especially by casual or budget travellers.

Airasia Strategic Management Report

And than, the last system that AirAsia used in maximized IT to meet the lowest cost during their business activities is the implementation of enterprise resource system ERP. How do you think the Asian passenger air transport srudy will shake out? Thirdly, AirAsia is a brand name which is very well established in Asia Pacific. This report provides with an extensive strategic analysis of the leading low cost Airline in the Asian Region, which is Air Asia Berhad.


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In conclusion, by using this system effectively, efficiency, customer satisfaction, fast and secure in buying a ticket already met. An example would be taken with Malaysian government, where government owned companies are more concentrated around the country, therefore AirAsia expansion to venture into the intra-market would be less welcomed by the government as they are confronted by a predicament the growth of an a budget airline cooperation rather than the growth of the state-owned Malaysian Airlines.

This may result in increased brand loyalty among the customers. The Bargaining power of the suppliers for Air Asia Berhad is currently assessed to be very strong. According to this statement, E-commerce can change the way of doing business nowadays.

Airasia Strategic Management Report | Case Study Template

The Aviation industry still has lot of scope to control the noise pollution and carbon emission issues for the benefit of the environment. Legal Analysis The Legal Environment for the Aviation Industry is getting tougher and challenging in the recent years. AirAsia can either be absence of strengths or resources of capabilities that are required airasix at present the organization doesn’t have.

What are the major elements airwsia SWOT analysis? There exists intense price competition between the existing Aviation industry players. It persuades its website visitors to book tickets for their journey and travel plans.

case study airasia swot

He seems to have also taken appropriate steps in seeking professional advice in the low-fare airline industry from Conor McCarthy of Ryanair and others. Do governments pose a significant obstacle to the expansion of low-fare airlines in Asia? Hence Air Asia has to ensure swlt all it air plane was given the approval to operate. This section involve, why AirAsia need to consider a strategic management, and than what is the current zwot that happen in AirAsia Company.

Based on the Datuk Tony Fernandez said, AirAsia can be growing in the airline business if they can control their cost.


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To manage these competitive challenges and macro environment trends managers at Now Everybody Can Fly: However, these toolswill not replace the domination of a price-orientation, but rather supplement it in creatingcompetitive advantage.

The first is to identify and analyze alrasia SWOT analysis, and than to solve the current issues with some swor such as Maximized IT and implementing E-commerce in AirAsia business, Operation effectiveness and outstanding efficiency, and the last one is implemented outsourcing in the AirAsia business.

AirAsia can also use SWOT analysis to understand how key strengths can be extended either to adjacent areas or new industries all together.

The strong links with the government and airline industry leaders is one of the strength of AirAsia Company. The market Development strategy is about offering the existing products and service offering in new unexplored markets.

Translating Strategy into Action, Boston, Massachusetts: The strategic Analysis presented for Air Asia Berhad clearly indicates that the low cost Airline line industry is facing intense competitive pressures from rivals and substitutes in the Asian province.

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case study airasia swot

And than, AirAsia is one of the companies with good company strategic management and has a successful story in the airplane industry in the world. June 1, June 1, Economic Air Asia has been significantly impacted upon by changing externalities in the economic environment.