The structure of the business plan: The course deals with the recognition of promising entrepreneurial opportunities, with the analyses which are necessary in order to develop an effective business plan, with the relevance of entry strategies and of financial controls in order to foster a new venture’s survival and prosperity. Limitations of the research and considerations that emerge may find additional support information and significance with an empirical study carried out on other operations and other stakeholders in the process of business planning. In this section Courses offered in Academic Programs a. This chapter analyzes, through a qualitative analysis, the techniques of market analysis useful for drawing up a business plan focused on the consumer and the dynamics of consumerism. Docenti responsabili delle classi:

Pianificazione utilizzo Spazi UP. Attendance Strongly Recommended Course books M. Relationship between corporate governance and financial distress: They account for a substantial proportion of publicly traded companies and are the predominant form of business organization in the world Breton-Miller, Miller, and Bares, Il ruolo del business plan, Franco Angeli, Milano.

A set of market and strategic analysis instruments can help entrepreneurs to define and solve problem in the start-up phase and to understand the potentialities of business. Handbook of Research on Consumerism in Business and Marketing: Creating value from mergers and acquisitions: Concepts and Practices pp. Protocollo e Flusso Documentale Titulus. The results show that business plan is still a tool of knowledge to support a conscious strategies formulation and to get to stakeholders across, with particular attention to alignment information between the editor and investor.


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The balance between economic and business risk. Complete Chapter List Search this Book: Non-attending students Written or oral exam on the concepts included in the three indicated textbooks. The fluid state deconstructs, breaks the traditional systemic order of the modern age, hll scenarios and requires a total rethinking of the old concepts of space, time, community, work and individuality.

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Evidence from European utility sectors, Applied Financial Economics, vol. Le tesi sono argomentate con unanalisi della bibliografia, completate con considerazioni emerse da interviste rivolte alle due tipologie di attori.

During the twentieth century this awareness led those who have studied the consumer to seek more detailed survey instruments, capable of describing a continuously changing reality, difficult to be fitted in rigid and predefined schemes. Cost of capital, agency problems, or the means of payment? It may also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those businwss.

What should it contain? Knowledge and understanding of the principles of the Business Economics and business quantitative results Ability to use the terminology and the concepts of the Accounting and Business Administration Ability to learn the basic patterns of behavior of firms according to the Business Administration.

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borello a. il business plan mcgraw hill 2009

Posta elettronica del personale Accedi alla tua casella. Course with optional materials in a foreign language English This course is entirely taught in Italian.


Conoscere per formulare e comunicare le strategie: il ruolo del business plan

I risultati mostrano che il business plan costituisce ancora un basilare strumento di conoscenza per supportare una consapevole formulazione delle strategie e per trasmettere tale conoscenza, comunicando appunto le strategie agli stakeholders, soprattutto in unottica di allineamento informativo tra il redattore ed il finanziatore.

See the website of Paola Giuri. Le attivita’ sono dunque volte in primo luogo a creare nei partecipanti una forte tensione verso l’imprenditorialita’, verificando e sviluppando le capacita’ imprenditoriali di ciascuno e fornendo gli elementi cognitivi necessari a svolgere al meglio l’attivita’ imprenditoriale. PaoloniIntroduzione e orientamento allo studio delle aziendeGiappichelli, Torino.

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An integrated and international perspective. Office hours See the website of Paola Giuri.

Riunioni Organi Accademici iMeeting Room. Business as usual o qualcosa cambiato? Open Research Archive Iris. The analyses thereof are more complicated and need to be carried out using an interdisciplinary approach.

borello a. il business plan mcgraw hill 2009

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