But what does this bill really mean? In return, the government would establish an autonomous Bangsamoro. Everything you need to know. The committee should review the sections. The effect is not for long and temporary. University of the Philippines Islamic law and politics professor Jamel Cayamodin said the Bangsamoro law is designed to address the grievances, sentiments, and demands of Muslims in the region.

United States Institute of Peace, An article that discusses the opportunities of peace and the profit of the people from the Bangsamoro Basic Law. And we all need to find it and call everyone to stand by it…We cannot leave peace work only to those in the negotiating tables, the peace panels or the legislators, theirs is only the form, but the essence is within all of us. Here are some excerpts: What can you say about the Bangsamoro Agreement? We are satisfied, as there were good proceedings in both Senate and House of Representatives. And when finally the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro CAB was signed on March 27,all parties concerned saw a ray of hope for peace and progress in Mindanao. The draft said that the Bangsamoro shall be having an independent Comelec, their own Commision on Audit, and a Bangsamoro Police.

The expected good effect of BBL will institutionalize peace in the war-ravaged places of the Bangsamoro homeland.

I was born and bred a Catholic living in Metro Manila, Luzon, far from the on-going conflict in Mindanao But last year, watching the Marawi siege on TV in the safety of my home, seeing fellow Filipinos fighting each other, an entire city bombed to the ground, thousands of residents fleeing and having to live for months in evacuation centers, was saddening, to say the least.

Now the question is: Section 3 bArticle X of the law states that they are “citizens who are believers in Islam and who have retained some or all of their own social, economic, cultural, and political institutions. The government must first talk and negotiate to all parties.


The Bangsamoro Basic Law: What it means for peace in Mindanao

If promulgated and implemented, this would abolish the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. Legislative efforts for the establishment of a Bangsamoro autonomous region was first proposed and deliberated upon by the 16th Congress of the Philippines but failed to pass into law.

bangsamoro basic law essay tagalog

How about their suggestions, needs, and requests? A critical analysis on the Bangsamoro Basic Law, this article also poses reasons why the Bangsamoro Basic Law is a violation of the Constitution. But is it just about the Moro people refusing to be Filipinos?

Bangsamoro basic law essay tagalog.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Why should the Bangsamoro Basic Law be passed?

As an organic actthe Basic Law aims to abolish the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao and provide for the basic structure of government for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Regionfollowing the agreements set forth in the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro peace agreement signed between the Government of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in The Bangsamoro Organic Law.

For thousands of years, we were all just like every Austronesian-speaking people, in villages or out in the sea, until when a group of people in what is now Sulu accepted Islam and became the first from these islands to assume the identity of a world religion.

Unfortunately, spoilers opposed to the CAB remain capable of derailing the process.

bangsamoro basic law essay tagalog

The government must ensure the constitutionality gagalog fairness of this law. It can be the dagger that ends the decades of war in Mindanao. BOL will ‘destroy country, dismember territories ‘ “.

In the peace deal that led to the creation of CAB inthe MILF promised to decommission its troops and end the decades-long rebellion once the national government delivers its commitment of a new Bangsamoro region. Contiguous areas may also be included in the BARMM if there is a local government resolution or a petition where at least 10 percent bangsamiro registered voters seek to join the plebiscite. It also objects to some revenue from taxation going straight to the Bangsamoro region bangsamorro it says gives “unfair” advantage over other regions.


Bangsamoro Organic Law

Click here to sign up. De Guzman, Sara Soliven. Armed groups, led by charismatic figures such as Ustadz Evaluation methodology thesis Malik and Ameril Umbra Kato, have gained notoriety through their profligate use of violence. This page was last edited on 20 Mayat When we can go back, without fear or apprehension for ourselves and our tagaalog, knowing that we and most especially our children will be ok.

Gov’t hit for lack of consultations with indigenous peoples”.

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Alternate Forum for Research in Mindanao, Inc. Here are some excerpts:. Answered May 30, The purpose of this draft tagwlog to establish the new Bangsamoro political entity and provide for its basic structure of government, in recognition of the aspirations of the Bangsamoro people Article I, Section 3. How can peace and order be guaranteed if the government is not looking at the Bangsamoro community in a larger scale?

Newsletter Enter your e-mail address to subscribe to our daily news service. A dissertation of how an agreement between the GRP and MILF must be done in order to have peace, developments and long lasting solutions to bangsamro terrorism in Mindanao.