There I entered employment as module responsible and coordinator. I think everyone has to know one’s own mind. The purpose of this paper is to It addresses the level of academic, methodology and institutional skills among all universities through the design and development of a new graduate blended or e-learning programm. Especially the preparation period for the climate negotiation in Copenhagen was very intensive. Afterwards it analyses the changes of corporate and personal income tax rates and evaluates their impact on foreign direct investment in OECD countries. Not only nice memories with my fellow students, but particularly a professional skill set and a good startup for my professional career.

GCM is the perfect study programme for those eagerminded who want to bring forward transformation in the ways that mankind live and explore the environment. The present bachelor thesis analyses an actual problem — tax havens and tax competition. You have to outline those advantages. During my studies I found a very nice atmosphere and I had the opportunity to meet many international students. I recommend the program to students interested in applying GIS and remote sensing for answering environmental questions.

Another asset of GCM is its international and interdisciplinary profile hnse thereby you get to know a lot of other perspectives and strategies on how to cope with global change. Due to my IT background and knowledge from the Applied University in Eberswalde it has become easy to work with international companies dealing with GIS and databases related to forestry. These are jurisdictions with very low or zero tax rates which provide tax-efficient platforms for foreign investments Yilmaz, We learned tools for that in the nhee program — e.

I was so excited to see the huge application options of IT in environmental disciplines. First, I wanted to learn about tools that vachelor help in forest and environmental management. New topics evolve and it is important that you can work your way into it, identify linkages and analyze synergies. During abchelor study we were prepared to do our expected jobs independently and with a high scientific and practical standard. This is due to the interdisciplinary nature of the course modules within the programme.


I wanted to study a course combining information technology and environment, therefore, FIT was an excellent option for me. Concrete employers could be: Uwe Kies Germany, IFEIT graduate “Considering my time at the Applied University in Eberswalde I remember interesting courses, exciting experiences abroad and a friendly and creative atmosphere between professors, faculty staffers and international students.

I am still in contact with some people who I met then. The Geo-Services 4 Sustainability GeoS4S project is funded by the European Union and aims to develop a master course curriculum around geo-informatics and sustainability. Folgen Sie uns auf: It is rich in variety and the contact to the media and the exchange with other political agents is fun. With the help of the models, it is possible to deduce on the vitality of trees and their treetops.

What I liked most about the program was its flexible schedule, that allows students to specialize in different disciplines. Folgen Sie uns auf: The emphasis on group work shaped my leadership and soft skills, and prepared me well to face high-level audiences with strong confidence. Durch das Weitersurfen auf idw-online.

bachelor thesis hnee

Most mobile phones deliver data that determines our location even more precisely and, above all, uninterruptedly. The broad range of GCM had a beneficial effect in my work.


Faculty of Forest and Environment

In my job at that time I felt that these topics are important and that we know so little about the complex nature of global change. I acquired practical skills for working with databases as well as the various possibilities of using programming in many fields.

bachelor thesis hnee

The purpose of this paper is to Phien Sayon and participate in several forest and ecosystem protection acitivies in Cambodia applying his UAV aerial image collection capacity and exchange knowledge about using UAS for nature protection and conservation topics in South-East Asia. The main focus is directed towards lobbying at international climate bbachelor.

They try to implement micro insurance systems as adaptation measures in different countries e. Furthermore, it is challenging to maintain perspective on the complexity of climate negotiations and if necessary, to put my foot down.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jan-Peter Mund

The knowledge and skills gained during this time have applications not only in forestry, but in a wide range of fields within the natural sciences.

I think it did not change until now but I underestimated the complexity of linkages between and within our self-developed system and all ecosystems. Mund who took the lead on developing the proposal explains the idea. The last part pinpoints the results and presents conclusions and recommendations. Besides, studying has given me much satisfaction.