On the company level, image has been defined as perceptions of an organization reflected in the associations held in consumer memory Keller, Then, most of the respondents also agreed that the company practices good corporate social responsibility CSR. It is part of the package which indeed carries the identification or promotion function desired earlier. Reputation affects decision-making on the part of all stakeholders, thus reputation of an organization is both created and consumed by its members. British Food Journal, 5 , It is the mean variable that influence or be predicted by an independent variable an as variable factor for investigation.

An effective sampling plan has been devised and the relative effectiveness of various methods of collecting data has been evaluated. Cases, Concepts and Student Experiences 7th ed. Effective Behavior in Organizations: Department of Islamic Development Malaysia. The source for this particular scale we gain from the Research Method for Business, written by Uma Sekaran, whereby question for open-ended section, the question is created by all group members. In fact, the respondents also slightly agreed that Jakim is a reliable Halal certification body. The result of mean value shows 4.

There are plans to strengthen its dominant position with improved production lines and increased capacity.

Ayamas case study

In conducting the survey, questionnaires have been distributed to the population of Shah Alam residents and only have been collected and useable. Journal of Marketing, 1. Hence, consumer will be confident that there will be no missing links of information if there is comprehensive traceability in the Halal supply chain.

Established as strong networking platfrom for Halal traders and manufacturers. The consumption behavior approach to the customer value would provide more strengths in strategy defensibility. A value of 0.


The company has even established its own Syariah Council comprised of both distinguished and learned community leaders to monitor and advised the management team. In other words, someone who is a customer or an employee of the firm has that role in part because of the corporate reputation and in turns to the reputation by telling others about the firm and its products Blythe, On another perspective, Rosidah et al.

This chapter discusses the measurement units, assumptions and reasons that would be used for collecting and analyzing data.

Understanding affective attitude will further enable marketers to understand the uniqueness of the halal consumers as there are many issues relating to the consumptions of the products especially Moslems as they are obliged to the Islamic laws or Shariah.

Ayamas case study

For this reason, there is a call for understanding stuxy consumer behaviour in meeting the needs and requirements for the demand of Halal products. Thus, it is pertinent that manufacturers and producers engulfed that product quality to gain customer satisfaction and repeat purchase. Corporate brand image, satisfaction and store loyalty: Nor Marini Mohtar et al.

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ayamas case study

Furthermore, most of the respondents slightly agreed that they have good impression on Ayamas Food Corporation Sdn. A Skill Building Approach 4th ed.

ayamas case study

Consistency check, which is commonly expressed in the form of Cronbach Coefficient Alpha is a popular method. This test is use to looks at the consistency and the stability of the researcher items.

A managerial perspective 2nd ed.

However, only three factors which consist of certification body, company image and product quality are the factors that positively influence consumers in their selection on Ayamas products. From this study, affective attitude is influenced by certification body, product quality and company image. These promising and burgeoning opportunities should be captured by players in the food industry to broaden their market share globally.


Besides stucy, the respondents are slightly agreed that Ayamas Food Corporation Sdn. This figure rose to USD Other than that, future researchers may also allude into the outspread range of age in the order to have better generalization result. Click here to sign up. Consumers would like to have access to information whereby they are assured on the products studt they bought were in line with the Halal required procedures.

Respondents also agreed that the company image of Ayamas Food Corporation Sdn. One of the mean that the company can undertake in reputation management is through corporate social responsibility CSR.

ayamas case study

An effective web site should contain deep and useful information Kotler and Armstrong, as having a variety of information engulfed strength of web site-based communications Fill, The standard deviation results shows the values between 1.

Convenience sampling technique was carried out during the distribution of questionnaires. Kotler et al highlighted that level and consistency are the two dimensions of product quality.

The findings of this study can be of value to the producers and manufacturers of consumer ayaamas in order to take part in the Halal market and become comprehensive entities.