But he is wrong in saying that this choice takes the form of a decision. It offers a bridge to express national constitutional values at the EU level in an ad hoc setting; in other words, it deconstructs absolute primacy in favor of a constitutional body of values and principles. Because of their particular and crucial nature, embodying the core of the national constitution, these norms might prevail over EU law in national adjudication at This delusional aspect has been frequently emphasized: Millet makes a notable and substantial contribution to this growing body of scholarship on constitutional identity.

Nonetheless, national identity does not function as a categorical trump card, but structures and inspires the proportionality inquiry justifying a derogation from EU law. See his brief pro the economic regulation of labor hours of women in Muller v. Direct European Union legislation, so far as operative immediately before exit day, forms part of domestic law on and after exit day. Parliament was and remains sovereign: It is exaggerated in such a way as to make that kernel of truth serve an extremely elaborate ideological manipulation. The will of the people should be self-executing: A mistake commonly made is to overlook the fact that politics is an intrinsically normative activity, if not directly legally normative.

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Such ordered pluralism gives rise to considerations of legitimacy and effectiveness of legal acts over formal validity at The truth in them is overstated. Understanding the third wave of judicial review: Miguel Poiares Maduro, Courts and Pluralism: This decision amounts to a deliberate choice to not have a constitution.

In any case, the normative legacy of thirty-five years of British adhesion to the EC and the European Union will remain massive.


In the UK, the majority in Miller expressed the view that the principles of European Union law as expressed in Costa v. As a result, exit day, if and when it happens at all, will not bring about the doomsday of European Union law in Britain.

Rather, a constitutional intention can be incorporated in constitutionn ongoing process of constitutional change, albeit—as maybe in the case of Brexit—with a serious swerving effect.

article 88-1 de la constitution dissertation

The problem with that position seems to be that it confuses two constifution things. It may be there has never been a statute having such profound effects on so many dimensions of our daily lives.

The European Union has a new kind of legal order, the nature of which is peculiar to the European Union, its own constitutional framework and founding principles, a particularly sophisticated institutional structure and a full set of legal rules to ensure its operation, has consequences as regards the procedure for and conditions of accession to the ECHR.

This choice of words led to a heated doctrinal debate which has some echoes in the Miller litigation. There are obviously two candidates: To make Brexit a normative reality, it has to be expressed through certain manifestations of will.

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The welfarist aim has mot probably been the dominant one in artjcle case of the EU. Lessons from and for the world. The implications of this fact are wide-ranging and go beyond the purview of the present article.

article 88-1 de la constitution dissertation

Related articles in Google Scholar. Millet argues that constitutional identity can function as a rule of recognition in a hierarchy of principles and values at A distrust of parliamentary sovereignty led to the weakness of the European Assembly, and later the European Parliament.


This article has tried to confront the orthodox argument about EU artticle, which, to my mind, is deeply flawed and even misleading.

This section offers a structured analysis of constitutional identity as it figures as a legal concept in these countries. A somewhat similar reasoning could be conducted about the EU: The strong republican formal interpretation of equality was challenged by a progressive interpretation—reminiscent of the legal realist approach of Brandeis who argued for informing formal doctrinal interpretation with socio-economic data.

article 88-1 de la constitution dissertation

Finally, there is a reason for this delusional dimension of Brexit which lays not at the national UK plane, but is due to the European Union itself. Constitutional identity is thus construed in a dialogical sense, primarily aimed at emphasizing crucial elements of constitutional identity in relation to EU law at With regard to this body of law, s. A modern constitution is an instrument of self-government.

The final pages of the book include further reflections. The backlog of European Union law will be there for a long time. The first part treats constitutional identity as a norm of resistance. As A-G Maduro opined: Email alerts New issue alert. Parliament or the executive are not bound to take any action. This delusional aspect has been frequently emphasized: First he analyses to what extent subnational constitutional autonomy is recognized in federal systems such as the US, Germany, and Switzerland at et seq.