The workshop instructor said she could not tell us what would be on the practical but that we could only miss one point to pass it. The training was a joke. Your clients are relying on you for your knowledge and guidance, and they trust you to know what you’re doing. Horribel AFAA instructor by: I was tossed out a case study on the practical. AFAA is my certification by: Rating 28 year veteran in the war againt obesity by:

Rating It takes work by: I read the entire book backwards and forwards to the point that the binding broke a bit , viewed all the lectures more than once, did mini tests on my anatomy knowledge from my friend who was getting a PhD in anatomy. It’s easy to do. Horribel AFAA instructor by: Teaching a group exercise class also does not make you a personal trainer! YOUR personal experience exercising does not prepare you to train others.

Also my partner was an employed personal trainer with plenty of practice, and he said that I did really well.

afaa opposing muscle group homework

I studied for SIX months. I also have a terrible experience with AFAA and their instructor. All in all, I was highly disappointed by the quality of the instructor and would not recommend this certification course to anyone who is serious about pursuing a job in this field. You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.

I would NOT use AFAA for a personal training certification

Anonymous My daughter also passed the written part of the AFAA training this past summer with no problem but failed the practical area twice, hlmework little to no feedback. Horribel AFAA instructor by: The Antagonist is the opposing muscle and acts in contrast to the agonist. Starting a Personal Training Business.


afaa opposing muscle group homework

Contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship. I was really upset by homewori because after we had all finished she told us that we all did well, so I was not worried.

afaa opposing muscle group homework

The fact that there was a racketball tournament going on in the gym with people all over and classes going on with music blaring through open doors made it very difficult to concentrate. It was not at all difficult. She was impressed by the fact that I knew what the Digitorum Longus was and how it worked. AFAA is my certification by: I have done personal training for Indiana University for 4 years.

My home state does not require current certification, or certification at all. Opposing Muscle Groups with Joint Action. Launch Your Business Step 5: We were actually made to sit outside the workout room, on the floor to take our written exam.

Musscle stopped asking questions after a while because she made me feel muscoe I was stupid, so everyone just shut up and listened her long and annoying talk. The point is you have to put the time and effort into study and practice for any certification. Rating resistance training test by: They don’t tell you exactly what you did wrong but send a form that tells you what areas you missed points in.


Please do not send any confidential information to us until such time as an attorney-client relationship has been established. One person even had their car towed due to parking in the wrong location.

I have been a successful trainer and received awards from IU and never had a dissatisfied client. It is much more technical and in depth. In order to pass, which means you get every question correct, you have to look the answers up on line.

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Muscles and muscle groups are part of the short to describe oppsing muscles used, the opposing muscles Opposing Muscle Groups including Biceps: Is Personal Training Right for Me? Friday the course was done ppposing 7 pm not 9, Saturday by 3pm not 6pm, and Sunday by 3 pm not 6 pm! On 14 and 15 March I participated as an arbitrator at the 6th Willem C. I will not be a returning customer for further certifications or continuing education.

Join in and write your own page! Muscles and muscle groups are part of the short answers but they are never mentioned in the videos.