We’ve got a little bit of everything going on! Reducing the load to small ‘bites’ and encouragement. Pjesky provided some helpful links to help you with thesis guidelines https: Your grade point average GPA will also be converted to a 4. Admission materials can be emailed to the Graduate School at graduateschool wtamu.

What is a foreign credential evaluation? There are many more details and ideas to consider when creating a personal statement that stands out above the rest. Pjesky back to present on WT’s Thesis Guidelines. Tonight, the local group met at The Plaza. Back to Top How do I apply for graduation?

Do I have GPA and grade requirements?

wtamu thesis guidelines

For more information on your benefits and how to use them, please visit our Veterans Services page. Academic probation may affect tuition rates and financial aid.

More in-depth information is available in the Catalog. De’Arno De’Armond to the Grad Suite for a discussion on personal finances and budgeting for debt repayment. An Italian style lunch was catered by Aramark the Spinach Lasagna theesis awesome!

West Texas A&M University

Edward and Jorje were among the attendees who learned about the importance of planning and direction, motivational stress versus distress, reactivity and ‘awfulizing’, among other topics.

Chen made an appearance of support while we discussed the paths that lead us to WT and a few new details of the AGEP program. It contains over 43 million records describing library holdings. If you are interested in becoming a professor in higher education, than this presentation has a lot of great information for you.


Then, in keeping with the Halloween spirit, we discussed the recent developments in zombie television! Please contact the Business office for more information. Official transcripts are required from all colleges and universities previously attended, even if a degree was not earned.

The time limit begins with the first class taken that counts towards the degree, whether that class is taken at WTAMU or is transferred from another school. It contains a significant amount of new international dissertations and theses both in citations and in full text. Students who do not take classes in a long semester fall or spring will have to submit a new Graduate School application before continuing their program.

Theses & Dissertations

How long do I tthesis to complete my degree? Attendees learned about some of the most important factors in completing a thesis project. Watch the Graduate Student Research presentation. Students should first contact the Graduate School to make sure the desired courses are allowed for non-degree seeking students.

How many hours do I need to take to qualify for financial aid? A short session of questions and answers followed.

wtamu thesis guidelines

Skip to Main Content. May 1 December graduation: Local or county licensing authorities may issue additional guidelines related to criminal history. Also, the Writing Center has a dedicated Graduate Assistant to help you with your written thesis and contacting them early in the process will be of great benefit guidelinex you! October 30, – Cohort Dinner at Chili’s As our first official cohort guldelines of the semester, this dinner was special on several accounts.


Back to Top How much transfer coursework is accepted? A question about how to request travel funding through the AGEP program came up and the answer can be found here: Do you accept Hazlewood benefits? Fast-food is more expensive both monetarily and temporally just think about how much time it takes to get to and through the drive-up window — Dtamu could have made a meal at home in less time. The Tie that Binds: Faxed transcripts and emailed transcripts not sent through a certified clearinghouse are considered unofficial.

We will have another Ambassadorship at guifelines end of this academic year so there is still time to rack up points for this competition. Although, unfortunately, only two of us were able to meet because of unforeseen last-minute aspects of life, it was a wonderful and quiet dinner with good company and excellent conversation.

wtamu thesis guidelines

February 7, – PSD: