Fatigue is the number one risk factor in the world. Finger Amputated by Machine. Safety at Work – Manual Handling. A worker’s hand was crushed by a power press. Tell us what workplace safety means to you. Case 1 of 6: Jimmy and the Forklift Merit Award.

It is submitted by the following students from Nanyang Technological University: His ignorance to safety and careless attitude caused his death when he was crushed between a building column and the crane. Guide to Landscape Works Safety. Take a Break Merit Award. Shipyard Safety Animation Tamil.

Make a commitment to end all risks at work now!

Take the Lead — an animation featuring scenarios at a construction site 1st Prize winning entry for animation work from students of Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore. The ear plug is a useful tool in preventing hearing loss in noisy environments.

Creative verse “Forgotten Precaution” 4. Compressed Gas Cylinder Training video.

Learn to prevent workplace accidents from these real cases. Work in confined space can be dangerous. Accidents are Predictable and Preventable. He will also share some past accident cases related to the regulations. In order to achieve so, it is important to understand the provisions in the legislation, their intents and applications. Workers were poisoned by paint in a confined space.


Safety Work Creative Awards – Wwh. Protective equipments can save lives.

wsh confined space case study

He stuy go through the Regulations and explain the provisions, their intents and applications. This video won the Commendation Award. Understand the provisions of the Regulations and their intents Understand how the provisions are being applied in their workplaces Know how to comply with the provisions in the Regulations Know the common safety lapses uncovered during inspections Contribute effectively to the improvement of safety and health at the workplace.

Boarding a vessel at sea is no simple task.

Confined Spaces – The Barge of Death – Maritime Accident Casebook

Crushed by Gantry Crane. Mistakes sfudy be made more than once, but everyone only has one life. National Workplace Safety and Health Campaign It is your responsibility to protect yourself and your co-workers. Short video “Healthy Back, Happier Life”. It features the necessary steps to take during the planning stages as well as the standard sequence of constructing the climbing frame. Correct Way of Wearing Ear Plugs. A worker’s right arm was ripped off during a work-related accident.


(Tamil) Perform Work in Confined Space Operation – Workplace Safety & Health

This is only possible if they remain safe and healthy. This year’s theme is spade Falling Preventions. Case 5 of 6: Case 4 of 6: Introduced in Machthe new Workplace Safety and Health Framework aims to propel Singapore to be one of the top 10 safest countries in the world.

Even with harness protection, workers falling from height could suffer physical and emotional trauma.

Perform Work in Confined Space Operation (Tamil)

Hand Crushed by Power Press. Safety Work Creative Award – Baa.

wsh confined space case study

Case 2 of 6: Storage tank exploded when rinsed with high-pressure water jets. This animation illustrates the correct method of wearing ear plugs.