Meola, Marc, and Sam Stormont. Skip to main content. The Virtual Reference Handbook: This paper describes the service at the University of Canterbury NZ , our reasons for offering it, the process of implementation and preliminary results. Virtual reference can be provided through the use of a variety of platforms and vendor products.

Janes attempts to identify user needs and choose the best reference approaches for seeing that those needs are met.. Live Reference eGroup This Yahoo! Service Policies and Guidelines Email Discussion Groups Libref-L This list serv provides a moderated discussion of issues related to reference librarianship, including, but not limited to virtual reference. An analysis of commercial virtual reference and tutorial services and how they compare to traditional library services. Heise , Jennifer, and Stacey Kimmel. Kern outlines the tools and decision-making processes that will help you and your library evaluate, tailor, and launch virtual reference services that are a perfect fit for your community and your library. Library Solutions Press,

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Virtual reference entails real-life decisions, services, budgets, constraints, and opportunities. In order to reflect the growing role of the digital environment while still respecting the importance of in-person interaction, a balance of physical and virtual methods has been maintained. Library Solutions Press, Are Reference Desks Dying Out?

Deciding whether to offer a real-time virtual reference service.

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A chronology offers a detailed examination of the challenges, compromises, and successes in developing software to support a new virtual reference service. Chandos information professional series. Live Reference eGroup This Yahoo! Reference services requested and provided over the Internet, usually via e-mail, instant messaging “chat”or Web-based submission forms, usually answered by librarians in the reference department of a library, sometimes by the participants in a collaborative reference system serving more than one institution.


Hirko, Buff, and Mary Bucher Ross.

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Chapter authors discuss the building of consortia, motivational and coaching techniques for staff, instant messaging options, creation of subject-specific taxonomies, interpersonal communications improvement, methods of assessment, and more. Virtual reference desk series. Building Collaboration, Communication, and Community Online. Issues covered include technical troubleshooting, testing, training, marketing, and integration with existing digital services.

Virtual Reference Best Practices: The purpose of this manual is to provide libraries with practical tools and methods for evaluation, recommendations for implementation, and examples of ways that libraries have improved services through analysis of these and similar instruments.

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Virtual wordreferfnce has gone from an idea to a regular library service in an astonishingly fast seven years. Finally, there are suggestions for publicizing and marketing a virtual reference service. Meola, Marc, and Sam Stormont. This book outlines and evaluates the current status of the digital reference service in libraries worldwide.

Skip to main content. A Basic Guide for Library Staff. Janes attempts to identify user needs and choose the best reference approaches for seeing that those needs are met. Provides an exploration of the present and possible future applications of eleven reference delivery methods. The book is based on an international collaborative project between two groups from German and Chinese institutions, during which digital reference services provided by nearly libraries all over the world were evaluated.


Available online at http: It then outlines and discusses in detail some of the issues that have arisen out of the service with comments and recommendations from our experience. A resource to aid in the decision whether to launch a reference service into cyberspace, and provides hints on selecting appropriate software.

Provides guidance for developing a program that will help librarians develop confidence and finesse at the virtual desk.

A special section of the book introduces the all-new core competencies and standards of the Digital Reference Education Initiative an IMLS-funded project to compile training tools from digital reference educators and practitioners. Libref-L This list serv provides a moderated discussion of issues related to reference librarianship, including, but bibliogrsphy limited to virtual reference. The handbook shows how to adapt traditional face-to-face reference interview skills to the virtual interview—and how to interpret and use new cues chat slang, IM shorthand, emoticons, etc.

Virtual Reference on a Budget: Service Policies and Guidelines. The American Library Association cannot make specific product recommendations. Ciccone, Karen, and Amy VanScoy.