A precise statement of the objective and importance of your research research is construed in the broadest terms consistent with the demands of degree attainment. Patricia Montilla, Chair, Dr. Following your first enrollment in doctoral dissertation hours, you must enroll in SOC each fall and spring semesters continuously until all your dissertation requirements are completed and approved. A Randomized Control Trial Committee: Must have overall 3.

Inform the director of graduate studies of the date and time of the oral defense at least two weeks in advance. If you will definitely not meet the deadline, contact your graduation auditor to change your graduation date, as you will not be automatically moved to the next graduating class. Is a report of your investigation as one of the requirements of the doctoral degree. Yuqian Shen For the degree of: Tamer Ghaith Mousa Eljufout For the degree of: Any incomplete grades must be removed.

Typical Deadlines for Doctoral Students

Thursday, May 16,Noon to 2 p. Is there a standard format I should use for my thesis, project or dissertation? You will receive a letter with the result of your appeal.

wmich dissertation deadlines

If completing a thesis, it must be successfully defended and submitted to the Graduate College by the deadline for graduation submission deadlines. Policy guidelines and application forms are available from the Office of the Vice President for Research.

In the development of your prospectus, you and your major advisor should create a contract specifying: The oral dissertation defense can be scheduled only after the audit is complete and your dissertation committee has approved your dissertation for defense. Your prospectus must be developed in concert with your major advisor and diissertation by your dissertation committee at a formal prospectus meeting prior to the initiation of your research.


Following a satisfactory audit from the Office of the Registrar and a successful defense, make corrections or changes directed by your dissertation committee.

wmich dissertation deadlines

Michael Famiano, Chair, Dr. Students and faculty whose research involves working dissertstion human subjects are required by law to complete mandatory training prior to conducting research. Friday, May 10,11 a. February 1 Your assigned graduation auditor will perform an initial audit to verify that all of your degree requirements have been met.

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Forbis For the degree of: The submission deadline is generally the Friday four weeks before commencement four weeks before the end of summer II term. Your committee members should be chosen in conjunction with your committee chair. It doesn’t look like my committee will approve my thesis or dissertation before the submission deadline.

Oral dissertation defense In preparation for your oral defense: Shows evidence of your competence to design, carry out and report an original and important sociological investigation. Friday, May 10,10 a. Robert Wall Emerson, Chair, Dr. If your dissertation involves human subjects, you must have prior approval of your research proposal by the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board before data collection can begin.


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Since your major advisor will guide you in preparation of your dissertation, select a person whose interests in sociology diesertation pertinent to your major interests. When your dissertation receives final approval from the Graduate College, the dean of the Graduate College will sign the appropriate forms and the dissertation will be sent for microfilming.

wmich dissertation deadlines

School of Public Affairs and Administration Title: If you are unable to complete your dissertation within the first 15 hours of registration, you will be required to continue to enroll; however, only 15 hours of SOC will count toward meeting program requirements for your degree. Georgiana Onicescu, Chair, Dr. One faculty dissegtation from outside of the Department of Sociology. Your prospectus must include: Major advisor who serves as chair.

Doctoral Dissertation Policy

Ekkehard Sinn, Chair, Dr. Must have overall 3. Andre Venter, Chair, Dr. Salam Salman Chiad Alharishawi For the degree of: