To experiment with the micromeritics properties of powders. Elaborate the study of frog by computer models. Evaluation of memory enhancing effect of a compound isolated from Emblica officinalis fruit. Analyze the compendia requirements of dissolution testing. Semisolid, Suppositories, Biphasic, Parentrals, Opthalmic, Nasal, Otic, Aerosols and veterinary dosage forms Make use of knowledge of formulation development to plan suitable dosage forms. It has excellent course curriculum and faculty members. Course Outcome Students apply scientific principles in a range of formulation techniques.

Nootropic effect of Vigna mungo l. Evaluate the interlinked mechanism of control centre hypothalamus-pituitary glands and nervous system in the maintenance of normal level of hormones released from respective endocrine glands and functioning of body Homeostasis in human beings. Evaluate and monitor the adverse drug reactions. Utilize isolation techniques of volatile oils. Hepper seeds extract in scopolamine induced amnesic rats. More specifically, this subject provides practical information of fluid flow and factors which may affect rate of filtration, centrifugation and humidification.

Describe the morphology and general anatomy different parts of flowering plants.

Evaluate antimicrobial agents and disinfectants and sterility testing of pharmaceutical products. Also to study commonly used laboratory animals and instruments and to explain the use of computer simulated softwares for pharmacology practicals to minimize the use of living animals.

Make use of cell culture and to evaluate microbial stability of pharmaceuticals. Find, analyze, evaluate and apply information systematically and shall make defensible decisions. Appraise family planning devices and pregnancy diagnosis test. Explain prescriptions and dispensing of drugs in relation with modern hospitals Asses Simple diagnostic reports.


Explain the basic concepts of quality control and quality assurance as per Pharmacopoeial guidelines. Course Outcomes Even Sem. The main objective of the course is to understand and consummate the basic fundamental principles by performing experiments related to solutions, suspensions, emulsions, creams, dentrifices etc.

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Nootropic activity of Ajuga bracteosa Wall on scopolamine induced memory deficits in swiss albino mice. Explain gross morphology, structure and functions of vital organs and gonads by microscopic examination of their permanent slides.

Student will be able to judge different pharmaceutical incompatibilities and instability and revise formulation or justify the procedure accordingly. Determine the number of starch grains by Lycopodium spore method Determine the Ash value, Extractive values, moisture content of crude drugs. MIET offers a perfect platform for all round development of an individual.

Part Time Ph.D.

Nishant Kumar Workshop Talent Management: Make use of preliminary tests for organic compounds. Implement method of sterilization in pharmaceutical processing and industry.

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Interpret and distinguish chemical behaviour of organic compounds. Evaluating Illustrate the role of fixed dose drug combinations in Indian scenario.

Analyzing Evaluate the daily activities of clinical pharmacist and quality assurance of clinical pharmacy services. Honour personal values and apply ethical principles in professional and social contexts. Dissolution test apparatus Single, Mechanical stirrer, Disintegration test apparatus, Magnetic Stirrer. Pharma Post graduation M. Analyze the use of organic compounds. Unique features Humidity Chamber, Friability test apparatus, Tray dryer, Dissolution Test Apparatus 6 Upttu Machine Room Course Objectives The main objective of the course is to understand and consummate the basic fundamental principles by performing experiments related to capsule filling, microencapsulation, granulation, formulation, compression and evaluation of solid dosage forms like tablets and capsules.


uptu m.pharm thesis format

Vigilance BOP On completion of the course student will be able to: Fundamental principles of physics influencing the behaviour of various delivery systems like interfacial tension, micromeritic properties etc. Hepper seeds extract in scopolamine induced amnesic rats. Analyze and distinguish the medicinal plant and compare their properties.

uptu m.pharm thesis format

Presently 04 faculty members are pursuing for their Ph. Anurag, Roy, Dutt, R.


Course Outcome Understanding of simple unit operation processes involved in preformulation studies. Protective effect of Nycthanthes arbor-tristis on Scopolamine induced amnesia in Rats: The exact title of the Thesis is also discussed at the time of pre-submission seminar. Understand the reaction mechanism and stability of organic compounds.