If you decide that University study in general, or the UEA in particular, is not right for you at present, you can contact your Adviser to discuss this. For some guidance on coursework submission, check out our submission guide. Wednesday, May 22, The usual penalty is a deduction of 10 marks off the original mark. Log an IT Enquiry. Hub staff are able to talk through any difficulties you are having and advise you if a concession is appropriate and how to apply. Students should note that any marker comments on the scripts are there to help with the marking process; they were not written as feedback for students, and should not be considered feedback.

Book a Meeting Room. Transfer between full and part time courses, transfer to a different course within a school or in a different school. Log into your account. Here is the Academic Appeals Procedure if you are considering this. Submission Guidelines The following is a guide to the understanding the rules governing UEA submission of coursework. This website uses cookies.

Provisional marks are published on your e: Often the factors which have led to the interruption request have affected academic progress. International Students Advice and Support.


UEA performs poorly on coursework return times – Concrete

If you have a valid reason for needing an courseowrk, you can submit an Extenuating Circumstances request via e: Log an IT Enquiry. Contact the Finance department.

The idea that statistics mean little in the face of individual cases should also be taken into account. Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. Learning and Teaching Service. You can drop into your Hub or make an appointment to see someone.

For some guidance on coursework submission, check out our clursework guide. Report an Accident or Hazard. How to submit an EC Request on e: Current works on Campus. UEA Career Service launches graduate fair.

The following table details the penalties for late submission:. All written coursework, project reports and dissertations with summative components should be identified by student number and not by name.

Report an Accident or Hazard. Contact the Finance department.

uea coursework return

There are University regulations on how coursework is submitted and processed at the university. Security – Report an Incident. Security – Report an Incident. Learning and Teaching Service. Log into your account.


UEA performs poorly on coursework return times

If you are referred to reassessment, you will need to pay a Reassessment fee. Which, statistic is the prospective student supposed to pay the most attention to? Interruptions are granted for a variety of reasons e.

International Students Advice and Support. By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used. Specific Learning Difficulty Support. An interruption to period of study is an authorised interruption to your studies for an agreed length of time, i.

uea coursework return

All Hubs have meeting rooms where you can talk to staff confidentially. Feedback can be generic or specific and usually addresses the learning outcomes of the assignment. Undergraduate Education Officer Connor Rand commented on the news of the results, saying that: However, students can request a meeting with the Module Organiser to go through their ckursework.