The revised thesis usually will be seen only by the internal examiner, unless the external examiner requests to see it. Interruption of Study Form. A brief review of the literature, which shows the flow of ideas leading to your research questions. One model for the general style of this part of the thesis is articles in Clinical Psychology Review. We recommend Times New Roman 12 point or Arial 11point for the main body of the text, although tables and figures can be set in a smaller font size if necessary, as long as they are readable. Ultimately, the examiners will judge how well the corrections have been completed, rather than how long they have taken to be completed.

The thesis requires a very substantial re-conceptualisation, rewriting, or re-analysis to be brought up to passing standard. They are numbered in the order in which they appear in the thesis. Revisions that require the collection of a significant amount of new data also fall under this category. Statement of Intent Form. Guidelines for writing the research proposal.

Any small deficiencies in conceptualisation, measurement, design or execution are counterbalanced by positive qualities and a thorough discussion of methodological limitations.

ucl dclinpsy thesis

Volume 1, the research component of the thesis, has a three-part structure, consisting of a literature review paper, an empirical paper and a critical appraisal.

Measures that are sensitive or copyrighted will eventually need to be removed when the ul is hard bound — see the section below on hard binding. Thesis Submission Deferrals Form.

Forms: Trainee Research

Please look at the guidance about plagiarism on the UCL websitewhich is also reproduced in Section 23 of the Training Handbook. They also do a small piece of service-related research in their first year.

The methods should be described in sufficient detail to enable the reader to understand what was done and potentially to be able to replicate the study.

ucl dclinpsy thesis

As described above, Volume 2 is separately paginated. All DClinPsy students continue to have access to UCL library resources after the viva, whilst they work on any required thesis revisions.


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The following binderies are familiar with the University hard-binding format:. If you’d like to borrow a book, please see the academic adminstrator in Rm up to 3 books may be borrowed for a maximum of 7 days.

For the service-related research it has the words “Service Related Research Report submitted as Case Report x “; the title of the report is then listed on a new line. It is a bad idea to leave a lot of the writing until late in the project, since this usually leads to a rushed, poor quality thesis. After all revisions have been made and the cclinpsy has been passed by the examiners, it will need to be prepared for final submission. Thesi following categories are not “marks” in the sense of corresponding to A, B, C, etc.

The more important or innovative the topic or method, the more forgivable are shortcomings: This form is used to request an extension of longer than one week on the grounds that a practical problem has arisen on placement that means that there is a predictable delay in gathering the clinical material for the report.

Forms: Trainee Research | UCL Doctorate In Clinical Psychology – UCL – London’s Global University

If the required corrections have been made to the thesis, it is passed. Part 3 the critical appraisal with a title page just saying “Part 3: You will need to submit two copies of Volume 1 in a temporary, soft binding.

Miscellaneous collection of websites that are useful for research projects, e. Fail A Fail should be given when the work undertaken by the candidate is irredeemable, i.

Guidelines for Writing and Presenting the Thesis

Guidelines for external supervisors of major reseearch project Notes for external supervisors thinking of proposing a project Guidelines for clinical supervisors on the Service Related Research Project. Trainees dclinpdy out their major research project over the three years dclinpst the course. It is possible, for example, that a generally excellent thesis may have some flaws requiring corrections, or that a competent but rather uninspiring thesis be awarded a pass.


Theses with minimal presentational errors can, at the Board of Examiners’ discretion, be awarded a Pass.

ucl dclinpsy thesis

Turnitin will give your Volume 1 an originality score, but this tells you very little about whether there are any problems with plagiarism in your thesis. You also need to submit an electronic version of Volume 1 in pdf format.

The link for thesis submission on your Moodle homepage is called ‘Thesis Volume 1 Submission’. It is usually helpful to include a table listing dclipsy important characteristics and findings. The steps in the narrowing down process are usually illustrated by a flowchart. These are encouraged by the course, but care does need to be taken at all stages to ensure that each trainee dclinpzy making a separate independent contribution.

In addition to the procedures outlined above for submission of the thesis, we require that Volume 1 of the thesis be submitted via Turnitin, a plagiarism-detection programme. Here are some forms related to the Major Research Project.

Pass conditional on dcoinpsy corrections one month A thesis which meets the criteria for a pass, but has some weaknesses that are fairly readily correctable. Interruption of Study Form Appendix. As an Appendix to the thesis, there should be an outline of what the trainee’s contribution to the joint study was, and what was done by others.