Contact Us About Us Blog. For some years I was a keen amateur athlete, achieving success in sprint events on the track, and more recently I have developed an enthusiasm for rock climbing. I also feel confident in my own judgement and am happy to take responsibility for my own personal decisions. Demonstrate your strengths as a student, to reassure the course leaders that you can manage the demands of the degree. I communicate efficiently and have three languages, Portuguese, English and Italian. Who we work with Find out more.

We hope this sample Physiotherapy personal statement has been useful. Twelve years ago I suffered a serious accident and spent a long time in hospital, where I benefited from an intensive course of physiotherapy to rehabilitate me. At my university in So Paulo I worked as an apprentice physical activity instructor for people over 50 years old, offering varieties of exercises such as stretching, relaxation and massage. Demonstrate your strengths as a student, to reassure the course leaders that you can manage the demands of the degree. My long working experience has made my career choice clear and my commitment to my plan total.

For as long as I can remember I have been good at sports, and as I reached high school, this crystallised into a love of football.

Prior to this I spent two years as a volunteer health care assistant at a substance abuse clinic in London, where I encountered patients who had suffered both physical and psychological problems as a result of substance abuse. I am also compassionate and feel strongly the importance of caring for the vulnerable and giving them the opportunity to live a normal life.

Physiotherapy Personal Statement Example Sample Statement My interest in physiotherapy comes from my own personal experience of the science and how it changed my life. Admissions tutors receive thousands of applications, each year. What are Personal Statements?

ucas personal statement examples physiotherapy

Contact Us About Us Blog. I experienced a variety of procedures, including limb manipulation, as well as hydrotherapy pool and ultrasound treatment, and I learnt much about the way physiotherapy works and also came to understand the impact healthcare teams can have on their patients.


Personal statement advice: physiotherapy – Which?

I am ambitious and determined to succeed. No University Offers…What Next? Success on the pesronal field has given me confidence from an early age, and overcoming my injury has cemented my self-belief and personal resilience even more. My working career so far has given me considerable experience in physical training and therapy. What is a physiotherapy personal statement? Tailoring your personal statement to your chosen subject is crucial when applying to university.

Personal statement advice: physiotherapy

Physiotherapy sample submitted by Ellie. It is this experience that has led me to want to study physiotherapy for myself, so that Stateement can help other people in the same way that I was helped. My own experience would also make me well placed to help people whose lives and dreams have been shattered by an accident or injury.

ucas personal statement examples physiotherapy

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Find out more about what will impress admissions tutors and why talking statwment about sport is a no-no. The personal statement is a 47 line — or character — piece of writing physiotheraly you write yourself and is similar to a cover Struggling to know where to start with that personal statement? We’re guessing that your here to find out what you need to include in your Physiotherapy personal statement, and view all of our Physiotherapy personal statement examples to help you with your UCAS personal statement.

Sample Physiotherapy personal statement, to be used as an example.

It is an exciting prospect. My plan to study for a degree in physiotherapy and to make a career in the field has developed partly out of my own enjoyment of physical activity and also out of considerable work experience in advising and instructing people personap the value of exercise. Students reveal the tricks and tips that got the ball rolling.


I take pride in the work of any team I am a member of, but have the confidence in my own judgement to be equally comfortable working on my own initiative. Since then I have been kcas to the idea of providing care and support for those with debilitating conditions, particularly the elderly and those who have suffered strokes.

I believe that my experiences at the highest levels of youth football will give me an excellent background for this role. I also undertook work as a volunteer in the northern Brazilian city of Campo Redondo as part of a group designing exercise and fitness plans to promote the health of the whole community — children, adults and the elderly.

My ambition to work as a physiotherapist is the product of a number of factors.

ucas personal statement examples physiotherapy

Newsletter Signup Sign up for our email newsletters. My teammates, family and friends never let me down, even though I may not always have noticed this, and I would ucss able to show others that this support system was in place for them too. It was the neuro care aspects which most interested me in these placements and made me want to work in an intensive care environment myself.

One example physiotherapy personal statement might mention learning a musical instrument to demonstrate ongoing commitment ; another might mention a voluntary role with a charity to demonstrate time-management skills. We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising. Teachers Keep your students on the right path with our library of free resources.

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