Tourniquet application only during cement fixation or continually. In large part, the actual agreed-upon price depends on the topic tkr of the buyer and seller. Eur J Orthop Surg Traumatol. Patellar resurfacing in total knee replacement: Avoidance of patellar eversion improves range of motion after total knee replacement:

No differences between the groups regarding the translation or rotation of the components as measured by RSA. Also in , Pavlou et al[ 40 ] expressed the same opinion by performing a meta-analysis which indicated that patellar resurfacing did not significantly affect anterior knee pain and functional outcomes. Furthermore, Arnout et al[ 51 ] in , in a prospective randomized study, concluded that patellar dislocation without eversion improved the active and passive range of knee motion up to 1 year postoperatively and recommended this procedure as safe. Predicting dissatisfaction following total knee replacement: In general, these methods often yield different estimates. In conclusion, it is clear that patellar resurfacing as a common practice is not supported enough by the high-quality trials of the last decade, although some benefits have been adequately documented. No difference in the Oxford knee score or rate of recovery.

More specifically, current evidence tends to suggest that patellar resurfacing may reduce the reoperation rate due to patello-femoral problems. Track accepted paper Once production of your article has started, you can track thrsis status of your article via Track Your Accepted Article.

Patellar resurfacing reduces the risk of reoperation after TKR. PS prosthesis better in postoperative knee motion, posterior knee pain at passive flexion and patient satisfaction.

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Fopics effectively reduced blood and ttopics excessive postoperative inflammation and muscle damage. Moreover, on the same subject, a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials by Rama et al[ 17 ] inindicated that early tourniquet release for hemostasis increases blood loss, but also decreases the risk of regional postoperative complications wound complications, symptomatic deep venous thrombosis and knee stiffness requiring manipulation and the risk of reoperation.


Randomized trial in patients who had undergone cementless TKA.

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Meta-analysis of randomized and quasi-randomized controlled trials, comparing retention with sacrifice of the PCL in primary TKR. A comparison of outcomes with and without a tourniquet in total knee arthroplasty: To use a tourniquet or not Tourniquet effective for reducing intraoperative blood loss but not for reducing the postoperative blood loss and total blood loss Olivecrona yopics al[ 24 ] Randomized controlled trial.

Medial parapatellar arthrotomy with patellar eversion vs same approach without eversion Patellar dislocation without eversion improved range of motion at 1 yr postoperatively. A good use of time during the class is to explore other thesis drivers by conducting a sensitivity analysis.

Retention versus sacrifice of the posterior cruciate ligament in total knee arthroplasty for treating osteoarthritis. Walter et al[ 49 ]. Recent Journal of Arthroplasty Articles. Breeman et al[ 39 ]. Timing of tourniquet release in knee arthroplasty. Studies comparing posterior cruciate retaining vs posterior cruciate sacrificing tor knee replacement methods.

Common controversies in total knee replacement surgery: Current evidence

Dalury et al[ 50 ]. Patellar resurfacing compared with nonresurfacing in total knee arthroplasty. Username Password I forgot my password Register new account. The first time I saw him in action was at the Royal College of Physicians topic, to ask a question he proclaimed as he ran down the tkr aislethat he had taken thesis topic of placing some theses with the projectionist and thesis demonstrate his point from the topic, tkr he then did tkr the astonishment of the very august audience.


More recently, the theory that avoiding patella eversion results in better range of motion and earlier quadriceps recovery has gained popularity.

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Umrani et al[ 52 ]. Rama et al[ 17 ]. Tai et al[ 20 ]. Prospective randomized trial, comparing in vivo kinematics, range of motion, and functional outcomes in patients who received either a high-flexion cruciate retaining or a high-flexion cruciate substituting TKR. Initially, one reviewer conducted the literature search and retrieved the thesix for evaluation.

Common controversies in total knee replacement surgery: Current evidence

Patellar resurfacing during TKA is another subject about which orthopedic surgeons express different points of view and is a matter of long-standing debate. Seon et al[ 12 ]. More high-quality trials need to be performed for stronger evidence.

The effect of tourniquet use in total knee arthroplasty: It was only later I learned that Mike had run a restaurant while tkr student that was a failure! Thus, further research is required to clarify these ambiguous aspects of tourniquet use and to construct definite guidelines. Besides, patients with a tourniquet did not have neither a higher risk of thromboembolic complications nor significant difference in the time of surgery compared with patients without a tourniquet[ 25 ].