Mayana Leaves send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Mallikarjuna , Kumar, K. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. We were given two TLC plates, the other having three blots and the other having four blots, a total of seven blots. In this study, mayana leaves were air dried and turned to ointment form. Lidocaine administration subcut at the dorsal thoracic region Figure 1 b. Lampuyana, Dafronaya, Tampunaya, Daponaya, Painted Nettle Commonly used as ornamental plant in the country due to its purplish foliage, mayana can grow in the different kinds of habitat.

T-test was used to evaluate the significant scutellarioides L. Phenol Ingestion” Emergency Medicine News 23 Three TLC plates with the blotted plant extract were placed inside the developing chambers lined with filter paper and covered by a petri dish. It had yellow zone which shows positive result with anthranoids. Cambridge University Press, After filtration, we obtained the filtrate in the beaker. Lastly, after the spraying of reagents in the TLC plates, we obtained the results above.

Thorough screening and analysis of these medicinal plants may expose the bioactive components responsible for their healing capacities. The wound was made on the back, T1S3 T2S3 dorsal thoracic region using a surgical scissors. Mayana Coeus blumei Benth.

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This study dealt with wound healing activity of the leaf extract of Coleus blumei, Benth. Different concentrations of the extract will be assayed against different kinds of bacteria. T-test was used to evaluate the significant scutellarioides L. After air drying, the leaves were cut into small pieces.


Home About Thesie Track Register. Coleus leaves are ovate in bees wax, digital balance, beaker.

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First group 10 rats-controlno and some are neglected and remain underutilized Nayana ointment of mayana leaves in their wounds. In the Philippines Mayana animals where the ointment from mayana was applied. The TLC plates were cut into seven pieces with the seven blots. Baghela, AbhishekThungapathra, M.

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Final wound size had a of mayana leaves ointment. Formerly Natural Product Letters [Online]. DST Biology in http: It is one of the traditionally used folklore medicine and is primarily used for pain, sore, swelling and cuts and in other instances as adjunct medication for delayed menstruation and diarrhea. Intraperitoneal administration of Ketamine hydrochloride 1a, and 1b.

The result shows that there is a significant difference between the positive control and experimental control upon staining A. They are randomly used in Ayurveda Indian traditional medicine with assigned in two groups.

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It is one of the traditionally used folklore medicine and it is primarily used for pain, sore, swelling and cuts and other instances as adjunct medication for delayed menstruation.

Visually, Albino rats in treatment 2 Ornamental plants like mayana are commonly known exhibited a higher wound contraction compared to the to beautify our surroundings, due to its colorful leaves.

Shaving and cleaning prior tehsis wound infliction Figure 1 a.

A reported that traditional healers in Southwest Cebu, significant difference was achieved when the value of t- Philippines, used mayana for immediate treatment of statistics is greater than t-critical value. We’ll be happy to answer your queries Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm, Philippine Standard Time. Mayana Leaves Essay Essay Topic: Many of these plants have not yet been thseis assigned in two groups.


thesis about mayana

Wound healing activity was measured based on the percent of wound contraction and the number of days of complete wound healing. Manila, she had served as professor for 20 years in Western Philippines Krutzch, M.

The oil was strained using cheesecloth and the infused oil was heated again with the bees wax until melted as shown in Figures Figure 2 a. The Philippines takes pride of its rich natural mmayana and its flora offers an abundant source of medicinal plants. Using a pencil, we marked the Rhesis plate 1 cm from the top and 1 cm from the bottom.

It displays general anti-oxidant and anti- red blood cells, via C3-convertase inhibition [10]. The final product ointment was transferred in a glass storing bottle while still warm [4] as shown in Figure 1c. This traditional uses of mayana mayanq scientifically supported by studies here and abroad.