In this case DBBL is of the pioneers. Mainly, to measure the business performance of a firm, the main technique that is used by the companies is ratio analysis, and the data that is taken for such analysis is extracted from the financial statements of the company. Banks are profit-oriented organization. Robust means the system will be able to cope with any practical scenario, which may be totally unexpected, but still can control it and attain their desired performance. Thus, we hope that we have fulfilled what was needed of us, and had tried our best to complete the report as per requirements.

ROE is calculated by: We have tried our best to gather all kinds of relevant information, which could give us an overall concept of this topic. Target population is the population where our desired data are available. This industry has a great competition. In a survey the methodology for collecting information is of great importance. Before completing the final questionnaire a pretest on ten clients were conducted.

term paper on dbbl

Thus, there is every chance that the performance of DBBL would enhance further and it is indicating positively that more return is earned by DBBL in comparison to their invested capital. Delivery Channels are using by the banks in Bangladesh since long.

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We have enjoyed preparing the report very much. Depositors are the suppliers of the funds mainly. It contains many questions pertaining to the field of inquire and provides space for answers.

We hope that it will meet our expected standard.

The study area, which is mentioned above, is the most whole sale business is of the country, so most of the people of the area depend on business and services. Thus, if DBBL could reduce such costs and reduce this ratio percentage, they would have better performance than dbbbl of their rivals and would run better. In the above two process interviewing process is better. But there is no direct substitute product of banking. Sl Number Name ID 1.


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As a result the country has got a new shape in the economy. Presently about six hundred POS are in live. It is very important but difficult to select an area in order to perform the study and make it universally acceptable. Likewise, this report is done according to its mission.

The Bank commenced assignments ke jokes its banking business with one branch on 4 July We have read several articles and journals on the topic for preparing this term paper. ROA is calculated by: For our convenience, we have chosen SWOT and ratio analysis of DBBL, but had focused mainly on the ratio analysis, and had prioritized some of the ratios more to know whether the firm, i.

In at the time of liberation Bangladesh has got six number of banking financial Institutions. They have been described in the following page: The organization been serving herm the banking industry since Financial Ratio Analysis of United research paper on fashion trends Commercial Bank and South-east bank Limited.

This is the ratio that potential investors may look at when deciding whether or not to invest in the company. The recent papsr in the computer and information technology makes the procedure of analyzing data easier.

This are collected according to proper sampling.

term paper on dbbl

We know that education is the back bone of the nation in the sane way we can say that the banking is the back bone of the economy. The customers have no direct bargaining power.


But considering the time, resource constraints allotted for this survey temr consider 50 fifty clients those who are enjoying the services through the different delivery channels of the Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Though we could not get access to the information which is most relevant for this report, we prepared a report which can paprr to get ideas about financial performance of DBBL from year and Research design provides a practical overview of the central issues involved in the design of social and economic research.

After discussed the above information I can conclude that the banking sector as well economy of the country will be benefited if the banking sector of the country is improved by using latest technology. And by the look of it we can say that the uses of online banking will increase day by day in an effective way.

Banking sector of Bangladesh is now very much developed and clients are getting the various service facilities by the banks. Some information is also collected from website, and for the convenience, we had to assume some information by basing on the industry benchmarks. Presently more that 50 fifty number of banks including specialized and foreign bank are running and has been playing a vital role paaper the economy of the country.

Banking industry is one of the most important industries in any country.