Will you talk to your child about e-safety as a result of your visit today? I totally agree with all the above but worse than that. Just how low or sneaky can TalkTalk get? You do not have any choice to stop this happening: TalkTalk pleeese read this, wise up, no one else serves this garbage. My advice — turn it off for a better internet experience.

I phoned them up again and warned them if they ever attempt anything like that again, I will be instructing my bank to initiate legal proceedings for attempted fraud. Parents should be able to set their own verbal rules; to have the confidence to state that there is a time for work, rest and play. Read our cookie policy to find out how they used. If they do not sort this out, they will lose this customer!!! Well, here is a bit of insight to their tactics if anybody is foolish enough to give them a try! I have looked on many things on talk talk on My Account. TalkTalk need to explain how to use homesafe better.

Now for the juicy part!

talktalk homesafe homework

You need to login to your TalkTalk account and access My Account. It also potentially doubles dos attacks. TalkTalk has done nothing to stop it — and neither have any regulators. Been trying for two days to dump the crock of crap and cant.

TalkTalk online security system attracts few takers

I have been with basic TT for homfsafe with no problems. Stories Read stories from parents homeworrk controls Learn more. The company added that while the system tracks websites viewed by its users, it does not store data on specific pages they visit. Firefox and Chrome can be set to warn of web forgeries and malwares sites.


The system can only categorise and detect viruses and malware on pure HTTP sites. In order to build up a database of good and bad sites TalkTalk need all their customers to browse as many websites as possible. What did you come to Internet Matters for? Your browsing will still be tracked wherever you go.

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But this new service is fraught with problems, which could cause families more harm than good. A dodgy webmaster, identity thief, or hacker can easily detect when the TalkTalk bot is visiting their shady site by looking for either of those takktalk and serve a perfectly harmless page to that bot, whilst serving unsuitable content to TalkTalk customers.

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I have looked on many things on talk talk on My Account. What age is your child? But I am not wireless.

talktalk homesafe homework

TalkTalk, the telecoms provider spun out of retailer Carphone Warehouselaunched its free HomeSafe service to its 4 million internet subscribers in May, but the product has only attracted “around ,” users despite signing up “more than ,” in its first two months.

It is the type of service you learn about through word of mouth at the school gates. Pleae talktalk turn it homesqfe. A TalkTalk spokesman said: Oh yes and when did this happen I asked? Your browser does not support iframes.


TalkTalk or any other service could never be homewkrk to identify and block all of them in sufficient time. But you still cant be tracked because of its system but if you want total privacy use the tor browser. If anyone on previous comments got the HOMESAFE issue sorted, please, please, could you drop me a line either here with webmasters consent or via my website, as to how it was cured.

And this has to talktalo the number one reason homessafe you should call up TalkTalk and cancel your internet subscription with them right now. Read the parent’s tech guide. Can TalkTalk categorically deny that their ulterior motive is not the same? I have a system which checks my website is talkalk every five minutes. Homework Time — this allows parents to block social networking sites like Facebook and online gaming which are common sources of distraction for school children from their homework.

I do not need this as I have my own bought security sytem in place. It is a very simple way to fool the TalkTalk bot and it is their biggest Achilles heel.

HomeSafe is included with all our broadband plans to filter your home internet connection, keeping your family safe from suspicious websites and inappropriate content.