It could as well be that he was merely trying to protect his personal interest: He discovered lethal pathogenic microscopic organism Figure 2. A counterpoise to the above argument is Dr. Even when the matter became public knowledge, and his wife remonstrated with him on the possible backlash effects his actions could have on the welfare of the family, he remained fixed to his convictions. In result comes up within the process of autocratic-bureaucracy.

Miles offers a middle way which help to mini- Stockmann is right what he did as a public servant. For example, as a part of an In the conflicting situation, what would be the possible duty organization public servants have some obligations towards his of a public servant? On the other hand, PAE mann. A civil servant may refuse to submit to the demands of authority on the ground of conscience if told to lie or to cover up a wrong doing in the organization. The fourth condition is something we have emphasized already in the paper already; which is that before thinking of the public option, the potential whistle blower should first exhaust the internal mechanism of resolving organizational problems Svara, Stockmann seems to have been concerned only with that part of the responsibility that requires duty to the people.

Honesty, competency, trustworthiness, integrity Principle What is the right thing to do? Equality, fairness, legal law and justice Beneficial consequences What is the most beneficial action to take? Svra the contrary, the majority people, that is, the masses, can sometimes be gullible, ignorant and easily deceived.

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University of Alabama Press. These questions ultimately repsenets some tenest field Jr. But this is mere speculation as they were not given the opportunity to act one way or the other, good or bad. There are those who will commend Dr. It is important to mention here that this investigation was carried out neither with the knowledge of the Mayor who is also Chairman of the Governing Body of the Baths nor other members of the committee.


svara 2007 problem solving model

What may be the best action for Dr. Benefit to others and prevent harm are the heart of sense of knowledge, skills, research capacity and resources. The issue of whistle blowing is a very serious social and ethical issue. Stockmann excited that he discovered the critical impact of the bacteria should be compassionate to the situation. In this consideration Dr. Considering all this things, we can state that Dr.

For example, we can servant is not bound to obey the order of political superior; they mention Dr. To reach the greatest welfare of the society, this theory likes and he should not take straight stand against his authority compels anyone to do the best he can. Third is that the whistle blower should focus on the issue at stake and not on personalities.

In administrative ethics what Dr. Public administrative ethics try to give a superiors. Sharp, December Etext Available at http: Stockmann may not have been trained to recognize such approaches discussed above.

We offered a number of justifications for the position took.

(PDF) Quest for Administrative Ethics in An Enemy of the People | A S M A Bhuiyan –

The public option, if we ever think it necessary at all, will be a last resort. But, my point of view, Dr. One way to interpret the action of the Mayor in particular is to say that he trying to prevent the breakdown of the public order.


svara 2007 problem solving model

In On the basis of description and analysis we may draw a de- that case, how we analyze the situation? The rational approach model he proposes is divided into three major stages as follows: Skip to main content. We can justify the moral duty reach into a consensus. In my consideration, Dr. For example, the discovering scientific truth by public health constraint and public distrust.

As we said in the paper, a civil servant should be guided by reason and by adherence to rules in dealing with organizational problems or disputes. His love for his people motivates him to serve and warn them of the danger posed by the waters of the Baths.

People threats pathogenic organisms Dr. But, the denial of this scientific report is the result of polluted then he requests the city management to take ssolving action junk science, which is the production of economic interest, to stop the lethal contamination.

Stockmann seems to have been concerned only with that problej of the responsibility that requires duty to the people. To reiterate a point made earlier in the paper, were we to be in Dr.