In repeatative classes, such as math, certainly need homework. Thu, Jun 4, , When an unweighted class of mine takes up that much time, I get frustrated. Email Town Square Moderator. We pay taxes to supplement international students’ education. Finco, who said she doesn’t issue routine homework but does assign out-of-class projects that take multiple weeks, added that completing at-home work “is part of growing up and learning time management.

Not surprisingly, most of the polled teachers believed that the homework they assigned was reasonable and worthwhile. What is democracy worth to you? Reading is an integral part of learning and is a consistent part of homework. The committee supported this ban primarily for safety reasons, Hurd said. At the upper grades , homework consists of completing, practicing, preparing, or extending core academic skills and is designed to build independent study habits. Best to present thought questions based on classwork which require individualized replies. She also said the committee wanted district officials and school communities to think more about the relationship between doing homework and learning a subject.

Principals are responsible for: Long term assignments at the middle grades should be limited in number and duration.

Among polled students, Embracing the vision of bivisibility. At elementary and middle school levels, group projects could not require in-person meetings outside of the classroom. We are urging the board to allow public input and interaction before the proposal is taken to the Union and before the board takes a vote.

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Despite talk among students, it seems homewrk have no desire to give us busy-work. The board is expected to consider final action on the revised policy later this month, according to board president Denise Jennison.


There were about a dozen audience members in the room by the time the discussion began, just after 9: Weighted classes, however, were excepted from the policy and thus have no limitations regarding homework volume.

srvusd homework policy

Long term assignments should be limited in number and duration. The committee supported this ban primarily for safety reasons, Hurd said. Asian-American backlash against race-conscious homwork threatens future of all minorities.

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These courses are based on college classes and if the student in an AP class gets a 4 on the test, they receive college credit for it, so of course there is going to be a lot of work!!!! Comments 1 person likes this. Reading is an integral part of learning. Board member Rachel Polify, who sat on the revision committee, said AP-specific guidelines should be developed separately from the overall homework policy overhaul. These guidelines include minutes of reading per night: The revision would prohibit all homework, except for reading, during the weekend for elementary school students.

Here’s the link if you want to sign it. As a guideline, total homework assignments should have an estimated completion time of 3 hours or less of on task work per night, including reading.

School board discusses changing homework rules

Except for reading, homework at the elementary level should not be assigned over weekends, holidays, or extended school breaks. The homework needs of Del Amigo and Venture will be site based due to the unique nature polict their respective programs. Shabazian recommended the board strengthen enforcement language in the proposed revision. Before my research and thought regarding the subject, I was unhappy with the fact that weighted classes were completely excluded. At the upper gradeshomework consists of completing, practicing, preparing, or extending core homewlrk skills and is designed to build independent study habits.


A 14 year old student with a 28 year old mother who did not graduate from high school will need a different kind of strategy.

They had no time for reflection or informal creativity. Himework has always been And while I, along with most other AP and honors students, was not happy at the thought of spending my free time doing work, I believe that this system really is the best for all students.

srvusd homework policy

Last year she was in the journalism club, in which she wrote a few articles. Who is ready for the holidays? Advanced Math and electives may require additional time.

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Parents and teachers should make students aware that learning occurs at home, school, and in the world around them.